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somalian breeders

The best Somali of the year SGC Tajhara Hot In Havanna Ruddy Ticked Tabby. Lanacats Ratibor of Howlingcoyote Best Somali Kitten of the Year When looking for a Somali, remember that most breeders provide kittens aged between twelve and sixteen weeks. Specialized in two of the most beautiful and exotic cat breeds, Abyssinian and Somalian. The official website of the CFA Somali Breed Council. Somalis, Los Angeles, California.

Race profile: Somalis

Somali is a stunningly pretty female with a colourful hair, a full cock and an attentive hair. Combinations of tickled, dramatic coloured hair, distinctive features, big eyes, big knuckles, and full, bushy tails and pants give the Somali a rugged "little fox" look that immediately impresses. Somali is a mixture of elegance and character; a very smart female whose joie de vivre and playfulness (many bring away little children's playthings, open cupboards and playing with water) flourish with people.

Somali is the embodiment of everything most of us want in a pet - alive, vigilant and active in everything that arouses our interest - but when the season is over they will be looking for all the attentiveness and affections that their caregivers are willing to give. Anyone who has ever been with a Somalian has had the best of it!

Somali is a well-proportioned, medium-sized female with strong muscle develop. It has a longer fur around the neck frill, belly and trousers - with this beautiful, fleecy, full cock. What was the origin of this wonderful race? The Somali is essentially a long-haired abyssinian, the product of a transgenic recession in the cats.

The way this genome was inserted into the abyssine genetic stock is the object of much debate and debate; yet it has occurred, and the outcome is our lovely Somali, for which we will always be thankful! There is nothing better to see than a perfectly cultivated Somalian in the Richterring.

The Somalian is a naturally occurring buffoon who can fully unfold when he plays with any toys chosen by a magistrate. At home or in the Richterring, the Somalian shows a joie de vivre that makes him a marvelous partner and member of the Somali team. Note that most breeders provide cats between 12 and 16 week old when looking for a Somali.

Prizes for Somalis generally depend on the kind, the marks and the blood lines indicated by Grand Champion (GC), National, National, National Broad and/or Regional Winning Partners (NW, BW, RW) or D-MER. Please ask the secretary of the Breeding Council for further information.

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