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The Solomon Bogale Movies

The african cinema movies is your source for new Ethiopian films and movies, trailers and full features. Discover popular horror and thriller movies that you can stream with Prime Video. Record-breaking salary is paid to star artist Solomon Bogale for a big movie that will be released soon. Solomon Bogale and Teddy Yo With Sunday Show. Solomon Bogale and Teddy Yo With Sunday Show.

Soleomon Bogale pays 255,000 birr for a film Ethiopia News

Suspect pay is going to Star Artist Solomon Bogale for a big film that will be out soon. The first name of the film is Markon and the storyline is set in the town of Mojo. In addition to Solomon Bogale, Muluken Teshome, the elder of a well-known production and recording studios proprietor, Tewodros Teshome, will perform as the main part.

He and Muluken will play the part of two brethren, with one retarded sibling going to Ethiopia to find the other. Amelset Muchie set the current film content records with 200,000 birrs.

New Time

On Friday night, the eleventh Rwanda Filmfestival concluded at the Hotel Villa Portofino in Nyarutarama. Under the motto "Grenzenlos" more than 30 movies were shown in Kigali, Musanze, Gicumbi and Rwamagana. The final part of the project was Selma - a picture that drew inspirational and dramatically powerful images from the lives and deaths of Martin Luther King Jr.

This was shown on the big canvas in the Motel in Nyarutarama. Awards were presented to the four best films in each of the four best movie genres, including the best fiction movie, the best regional movie, the best original and the best public - a movie preferred by the most people. Liane Muhoza Mutaganzwa's movie My Shadow won the Best Hillywood competition and the winner of the 2008 Best Hillywood competition was the winner of the 2008 Best Hillywood competition.

Kabera, who was also on the panel, said to the audience that selecting the best movie was not simple. Rwanda Filmfestival's opening celebration was celebrated by many visitors. Each movie we showed was one of a kind and everyone deserves to win," he said. There' s something figural about the event.

At the RFF Michael Radford gives a master course for filmmaking in the Innovation Village. ΓΏ In the last issue, a series of 60 movies were shown. Eric Kabera, Chairman of the Rwanda Filmfestival, with the inspiring celebrity of one of the opening night's shorts, Rayisi. In this South Africa 2014 picture, it's about a young man who is feeling so protected against his misused sibling.

This movie, which means the wider social and economic reawakening of blacks, interweaves votes from different angles that have been living this history - policemen, FBI informers, reporters, white supporter and critics, those who have stayed true to the faction (panthers) and those who have abandoned them.

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