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The biography of Solomon Bogale is created and maintained by people like you. The genealogy profile is dedicated to the life and lineage of Solomon Bogale and his immediate Bogale family. A new photo was added by the family of artist Solomon Bogale. She humiliates Ivanka Trump for saying that family separation policy is a "low point" for her. Today Solomon Asmelash is involved in fundraising for "philanthropic purposes".

Asmelash, an interviewer with the journalist and organizer Solomon Asmelash

This fundraiser was featured several occasions in Solomon's own TV demonstration "Esmamalehu Alsmamamam" (a America's Deal or No Deal configuration) and was the focus of some local comment. The new Solomon Asmelash company is a surprise to some viewers, because he has never been strong in the field of Philanthrope and Generous.

For his unmistakeable and distasteful activities in the interests of the decision-making faction, the Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF), Solomon has received input from the general population and from authors. When the government was subverted by the loss of the expected domestic choice and the growing glory of the Restrictions Union in 2005, he joined forces with various personalities Zerihun Teshome and Mimi Sebhatu (the two current Zami Communication-mediatycoons) to drive a pleasant newspaper named Eftin.

It worked closely with Information Minister Bereket Simon, who headed the state preaching machine to combat the attacks by the restrictive votes and defend the government, which almost collapsed. He was not working in the press as usual, but distributed secret archive from the administration's science department.

Back then, members of the Coalition for Democracy and Unity (CUD) were unpleasantly surprised to see how the document distributed the vast majority of their councils and councils verbatim, but the meeting was closed to authors and the account was not taped. He was also the one who went to the central prison to investigate CUD trailblazers and individual prisoners who were thrown into prison after the dispute began after the ruling to be warmed.

Mr Solomon said in a briefing with Addisu Abebe of the Amharic VOA government that his bold rise of the government was not and could not be an option.

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