Sokoke is one of several cat breeds which are said to have dog-like personalities. The Arabuko Sokoke Forest Reserve's professional photo gallery with breathtaking pictures, photos and images of award-winning wildlife photographers! Arabuko-Sokoke Forest is located near the Indian Ocean near Malindi, Kenya. Sokoke is a newly developed natural breed of Felid Hybrid domestic cats, which is formally recognised by two major cat family tree organisations. Discover the Arabuko Sokoke Forest Reserve holiday and discover the best time and places to visit.


A slender, mid-size, ticketed, modified classical Tabby cats. They are a natural indigenous race in the Arabuko-Sokoke Forest Preserve area in the Kenyan coast of Africa. It is a peace-loving, attentive and smart shorthair race, which is playfully and family-oriented and forms strong ties to the cattery.

This Sokoke is special in that it has a transparent embroidered tobacco design that includes both the base colour and the design itself, even the tip of the coat. Sokoke takes its name from the Arabuko Sokoke Rainforest in Kenya, near Mombasa. Kadzonzo was the name given by the locals to the kittens, which means "looks like treebark " because of the pronounced ring patters on the sides of the kitten.

They are now almost deserted in the wilderness. 1978 the equine grower and animalist Jeni Slater found a throw of these house pets in her backyard on her orchard. When they were growing, they stayed very different from other kitties. Deciding to bring a couple to Europe, she subsequently brought in 3 more Sokoke, which formed the basis of the race outside Kenya.

Further kittens were taken from Kenya to Europe at the beginning of the 90s to reinforce the breedingelines. Sokoks are primarily a mackerel type of feline. The most sokokokes are a Brown Tobby - with well-defined classical tabs. What is special about a kokoke is that the tabs should be dampened by a check mark in the areas with patterns.

There are some snow sokokes - which have a much lighter color, where the lighter marks are limited to their points, but still have clearly discernible tobacco marks. It has a soft, curving web with a long, flat nosepiece. Chuck should be firm and wide, corresponding to the tip of the nostril in toes.

They are moderate- to moderate-sized in size. Colours vary from greeny green amber in sokokes to dark brown in snow sokokes. It has a mid-length, slim, supple and gracious structure with a well-designed breast, flat back and round ribcage. It has a slim throat, slightly long to middle long, but powerful and well-built.

They look smooth and tender, but when raised they should be amazingly firm and give a feeling of forte. Long and slim bones with either middle or small bone structure. If the hindlegs are in a very typical "toe-tip gait". Foots are small to large and small.

It has a long to middle long cock and a strong, muscle feeling. Holders looking for a best companion will adore this race. Sokoke likes to hang out with its proprietor as much as possible! Socokes are good for houses with kids or for people who already have one or two dogs.

Holders have said that their Sokoke will often console them after a hard time. For the Sokoke, there is no need to worry about using lots of power - sometimes it seems to have an infinite amount! There aren't many that are as clever as these ones. Sokoke is one of the most clever of all the worlds.

A sokokokes are wholesome kittens, powerful and sporty. The ICC does not report any known medical conditions with the race.

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