That means that the shrimp can best be kept as a pure outdoor cats, or that the outside environment is limited by closed backyards and closed slopes. Vocals, vivacious, playful as well as energetic, the kitten needs a lot of fun and encouragement to flourish. If you like Sokokes, click'I like it'. Tookoke - Facts and Information Sokokes come from..

... In 2004 the International Cat Association formally recorded the event for the first time. Sokoks are characterized by..... It is also characterized by long, more agile feet, large bowl heads and a small wedge-shaped skull. Sookoke is a notorious mountaineer and can easily climb to great altitudes.

Sokoks on the whole..... Socoke is a passionate female with a genuine passion for humans. Sokoks are able to sense the feelings of their owner and will react with loving, loyal and loving attitude in any given moment. It is a moderate race and does not appreciate being abandoned for long period of the year.

Normally a so-coke weighs 5-10 lbs, with an estimated lifespan of 12-15 years. For no race is without its infirmity..... Otitis is well known in the race, therefore a regular check of the hearing for growth of growth is indispensable.

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