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Rate Hotel Sofitel Plaza Yangon (Yangon / Rangoon Burma/Myanmar Burma/Myanmar) now! Search the hotels in the guide below: Luxury hotels and resorts. The MGallery Nay Pyi Taw by Sofitel, Pyinmana. The new managing director of Sedona Hotel Yangon, Mok Kok Meng.

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This hotel has built a solid foundation to offer convenient and affordable accommodations with a consistent high standard of services. There are many award-winning dining venues where visitors can look forward to a large selection of cuisines. Situated in the centre of the city' s main commercial area and the city' s prestigious culture, shops and leisure areas.

It is a state-of-the-art hotel network that works according to a straightforward but efficient approach, offering top-notch, business-class accommodations at reasonable rates. Hotel Sofitel Plaza is ideally suited for those who want to arrive by road. Accomodation is air-conditioned. This hotel is ideally suited for sport enthusiasts. At the Sofitel Plaza Hotel, a tourist office is at the guests' disposal.

This hotel is ideal for those who love to shop. This hotel is ideal for those who like to play it. The hotel is open to the public. Hotel Sofitel Plaza provides a linen and towelservice. Hotel Sofitel Plaza provides spa facilities. The guest has direct contact to an OHP to better assist in a meeting etc.

This hotel provides opportunities for businesses. This hotel is perfect for a family with small kids. Accomodation is for those who like to shop. This hotel is suited for athletes. There is either an own or a near situated private reserved space; as this is not part of the room rate, you have to pay for a chargeable area.

Hotel Sofitel Plaza has a TV in the rooms. All rooms have a phone with dialling function. Hotel Sofitel Plaza provides a mini-bar area. Hotel Sofitel Plaza has a hair dryer. Accomodation and wake-up call are provided at the hotel. Accomodation provides a wireless internet access for your clients.

Hotel Sofitel Plaza provides a film rental services.

Burma travel guide - Sofitel hotel

Myanmar, formerly Burma, the Asiatic version of Myanmar, has stuck to this charming spirit that the writer Rudyard Ki-pling described a hundred years ago as "a land different from anything we know". Burma has had many different cultures, has been populated by many different civilisations and yet it is an icon of Southeast Asia for its richness and unparalleled aesthetic.

Mandalay is not the only custodian of Burma's legacy, however, and the land has many more features to offer. Taking the Yangon highway, one sees another side of Burma resulting from a true crucible of East and West. One really has to see the Shwedagon Pagoda to appreciate the scale of Burma's splendour.

Not only is it the most wonderful pageant in the whole wide globe, but above all it is a festival of humanity and sanctity, a breathtaking praise for the sophistication whose traits have something mesmerizing about them. Naypyidaw, Burma's new capitol, stands in sharp opposition to the remainder of the land because of its vast expanse and empty roads.

The Uppatasanti Puagoda, also known as the "Peace Pagoda", is a copy of the Shwedagon Puagoda, with an elegant look that reflects a land in a state of total upswing: inordinate. You will find this size in its pristine equivalence, along the Burma coast of the Bay of Bengal and through the enjoyment of its long, lovely sandy beach lined with palms.

Naypyidaw is the amazing capitol of the most surprising in the world..... Situated in the new Myanmar capitol, The Lake Garden Nay Pyi Taw, MGaller.....

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