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The company is active in food retailing and tea trading. Suchresults for Soe Win Tea. If not, you can buy Soe Win tea in some stores. The main business category of the company are tea centres. No Image.

Hlaing Soe Win Tea (Myanmar)

Are you interested in importing large quantities of Myanmar tea. The Soe Win Tea is situated in Hlaing, Myanmar. It is active in food retailing and tea trading. This your deal? Refresh your store data by including telephone, website, descriptions, working times, locations on the card, classes and pictures.

Bldg-29, Rm-004, Yadanarmon Rd," No.206/2, U Aung Thu St, Zone (2)," Aung Myanmar Co,Ltd.

three varieties of burmesian tea

I see that some folks have come here looking for Myanmar tea. First, there is no such thing as a replacement for Burma tea. It is ideal to put a good spoonful of tea per mug, a dash of 0olong tea in the jug and a very small amount of salted tea in cool running hot tapas.

In some tea shops they let the boiler stand on a low wood coal fire over night. Give about 20% whole heated cream cheese cream (only concentrated in Burma, so like the product, take your chances to use it here) and sweet concentrated powder.

Notice how much you use, because of course it is best to add the sweet evaporated water first and then mix it so that a small amount remains on the bottom of the tea to be the sweet. Burmese oakong tea is of very different qualities.

In Burma, most of us call this tea English, but it is mainly cultivated in the Shan and Karen states, so it is not Mandarin and is slightly fermenting, so it is not verdant. The Burmese call it "hot water" or "coarse tea". It' entitled ??????? lahpe' hmwe: in Burmese, and vai home (fragrant leaf) in Shan.

The tea I love is cultivated and prepared in a convent on the outskirts of Keng Tung. In order to find the convent known for its sayingadaw, Wasipei' sayingadaw, as you are just past the college to get out of Keng Tung, look for a large oak on your lefthand side. From the center of Keng Tung it is a 45 minute walking distance.

You have a wine room with a wonderful panoramic views, it is an outstanding excursion in Keng Tung. They are even cultivated and pickled in Shan State in order to be sold, and do not consume the meal except as "foreign" foods. Otherwise, what you get on the road is usually quite good - pay attention to a naturally grey-green color - if it is a lighter darkgreen, it is colored.

Add a few small gloves of apple oil, small pieces of chilli pepper to season to taste, and if you like, slice them into pieces of (organic) limes, complete with the peel. It' s tasty with pinewoods, although I've never seen it serve like this in Burma. To blend all tea components until they are good, then place on a dish with about a third of tea and two third of walnuts, roasted coffee-bean, lemon juice, and more.

Others include ground cabbages and/or thin sliced tomatoes blended with the tea (in which formula you would probably omit the lime), although it has been steeped in a delicate preparation, not convenient for use at home outside Burma.

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