Soe Moe Kyi Photo

Moe Soe Kyi photo

Phyo Ngwe Soe, Lu Min, Aung Min Khant, May Than Nu, Khine Thin Kyi, Wint Yamone Hlaing, Cho Pyone, Phoe Thaut Kyar, Myo Thandar Tun, Soe Moe Kyi Profile cover. Tonight, NayPyiDaw, the people stand with Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. Pictures of Kyi Nue Soe Moe on instagram. Soe Moe Kyi Nue ( @kyi_nue_soe_moe). Best Director (bound), Bagyi Soe Moe, Nga Thu-Ta-Ba Yaukya Meinma.

Law enforcement officials condemn Myanmar's protest bans in the largest town

Rangoon - Human right observers on Wednesday called on Myanmar to lift a protest embargo in its biggest town, Rangoon, fearing that freedom of expression is under governmental pressures under the leadership of Aung San Suu Kyi. "There is no justifiable justification for banning all protest in large parts of Burma's biggest city," said Brad Adams, Asia Director at Human Right Watch, with reference to Myanmar by its old name.

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The Yangon Parliament appoints new Security Minister

Mr YANGON - Colonel Aung Soe Moe was on Monday named the new Yangon Region Secretary of State for Foreign Policy and Borders. A 44-year-old, he was swear in the Yangon Regional Parliament after it accepted the appointment at an urgent session on Monday. Colonel Aung Soe Moe succeeded Colonel Tin Aung Tun, who took over in August 2015 and was re-elected by the new National League for Democracy before taking over in April 2016.

One part of the task of the provincial safety secretary is to represent the prime ministers when he is not available. The information about the new secretary, which was handed out to the local legislators, did not contain the year in which Colonel Aung Soe Moe joined the army or the degrees he had received.

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