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Es war billig - Reviews from Soe Brothers Guesthouse, Hpa An, Myanmar This guesthouse is not a chic city. Personnel can talk more than one tongue and try to help others. There are thin partitions, so lightweight users may need ear plugs. Several teashops are less than one way to get a fast, tasty breakfasts. The next in Hpa, we'll find a room at Soe Brothers.

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What is the best way to stay 24h in Hpa-An Myanmar?

It has been proved that Myanmar is one of the next destinations in Southeast Asia. When I heard from the travellers I encountered on the street about this land, it continued to play with my mind, two years after I knew I was going to see and discover it. Travelling to this land alone was a question I was repeatedly asked: "Is it certain to go to Myanmar alone", that I would still say to this date - Yes, it is secure.

I went to Hpa-an, the very first city in southeastern Myanmar, which is also the capitol of Karen or Kayin state. I found myself in the Soe Brothers Guesthouse after 5 hour driving from the Myawaddy-Frontier. As I only want to spend the night in this city, I immediately reserve a room and a trip, which begins immediately after the arrival of my baggage in the room.

As early as 4:30 p.m., all participants of the "Bat Cave" were gathering in front of the guesthouse. About 30 min by car to Linno caves, we reached a ceremonial place where a Buddha and a temporary sanctuary are visible outside the caves. There were about 9 of us in the group, and the only tourist who came with the 3 natives we saw up on the caves calling us to come to them for a cute ambience.

At exactly 6 pm less than an hours after we had visited the place, the monkeys from the cavern emerged from their area by now. This was the first tens of millions of bats that came out of their den. Coming out of the caves, these monkeys all flow in the same way and form their own armies.

The fact that the wheather was so good that these mice found their way to where the sun went down was a plus. Those mice will be back the next morning at 6:00. About 20 mins later, when all the mice came out, we went back to the rally point and agreed to have supper, as it was already dark.

The Hpa-an is really a small city, where only a few places are open, all of which belong to a native. San Ma Tau Myanmar restaurant was proposed by the guesthouse's owner. I went with the others from a good supper directly to the guesthouse.

There was a small tavern, known for its best breakfasts, about 300 m from the guesthouse, which was strongly advised by the reception. We planned our trip from 8:30 to 17:30 to 7 different locations. It has been called the "Amazing and Wonderful Tour", organized by Soe Brothers Guesthouse.

Hpa-an has very few tour operators, Soe Brothers Guesthouse is well known. The first stop was at the Yathae Ryan caves. On the way to this cavern there is a wonderful scenery, which is the first thing you see. It has as many Buddhas at the entry, visible from a distance as it is an elevated door.

There' s a lying Buddha, behind which there is a holy water basin. The Kawt Goon Cave or Kawgoon Cave has tens of small sound buddhas and woodcarvings on the wall and on the canopy. Different art forms on the ceilings, it is regrettable that most visitors do not come to Hpa-an, as this Kawt Goon cave is one of the interesting places in Myanmar.

This is an man-made pond where the locals are building the remainder of the area. The Lumbini is a place of many well-organised sitting Buddhas. At our fifth stop we went to their Natural Pool or Water Lakes near Kyauk Ka Thaung Cave, where most of the locals come and bathe because they said it had something to do with religious beliefs.

6th place and also my last stop is the well-known Saddan-Höhle. It is an 800 metre long stroll with a path to the pond. Situated on a mound with Buddhas and palagodas. addan is the best place in hpa-an. Besides the different art and design inside the cavern you can also see bats' dens and a stalagmite.

Seventh place was to be Kawt Kah Thuang Cave, unfortunately I could not go there. There were only 24 Hpa-an but there are several things I have done and experienced. This was the second weekend of May when I had the opportunity to come and see Myanmar, we were told that the wet season was not a good period to come.

Hpa-on is hardly frequented by most visitors, in fact many folks jump over the place. The Hpa-an can also be on the road with an e-bike or e-motorcycle if you do not decide to go on a group trip. A former Philippine tourist leader, she is hoping that her travels will give value to the up and coming traveller.

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