Soe Brothers

The Soe Brothers

The Soe Brothers II Guest House is a popular choice among travelers in Hpa An, whether exploring or passing through. Booking / access to Soe Brothers Guesthouse is included. A Buddhist labyrinth in the Lumbini Garden I was in Myanmar before I returned to Thailand. One of my travel companions (thanks Valerie!), whom I previously meet in Hsi-paw, advised me to remain and do the one-day tuk-tuk trip with Soe Brothers Guesthouse in Hpa-an.

It was an astonishing and funny event, a great ending to my three week in Myanmar!

From 8:30 am to 5:30 pm, almost 30 persons were reserved for the one-day tuk-tuk trip with Soe Brothers Guesthouse. We' re split into groups of 6 per touk touc. For the last five persons who bought the trip, they had to add 1000k per persons, as the 30000k per touk touc trip is shared by the number of persons.

One more great thing about the trip was that you don't have to care about anything, just jump on and off the tuks on each side and just have a good surf! The majority of the places you will visit during the trip are buddhistic churches and couples hiding in caverns. Hpa-an area is hilly and some of the churches were constructed hundreds of years ago.

These are some of the places we went to during the tour: Then we jumped off our tent again and found ourselves in front of another caverntempel. It' all a little hazy now that it was the third or fourth cavern that night. It is the biggest of all the caverns around Hpa-an, the Saddan cavern is the big of a soccer team!

In the entry room of the cavern are a huge lying Buddha, coupons and gold-painted frescos. As we went deep into the cavern, it became more dark, and above us we could hear and see many mice. All the way through the Saddan den to the other side, under the mountains.

As we walked down the stairs, we found ourselves at a small pond, from where we drove with long boats through a cavern under the mountains. Kawt Ka Thaung was the last stop of our trip. Whilst the caves themselves were not imposing, our tuk-tuk rider gave the trip a great end by showing us a concealed stairway up the hills.

When we returned to Hpa-an, we all expressed our thanks to our rider for the great times we had. 30,000k (~22 USD) by the number of people: Soe Brothers Guesthouse in Hpa-an is by far the most favourite accommodation for backpacker tourists. Luckily I got the last available room with ventilator and communal bath for 7US$.

There are three storeys and a staircase leads up to the entrance area on the second one. Pension provides motorcycle and bike rentals for 8000k and 2,000k respectively. Rates (2017)- Residence with communal bath ~5 USD- Sgl Ventilator with communal bath 7 USD- Dbl Ventilator with communal bath ~12-15 USD- Dbl Climate control with communal bath ~16 USD- Dbl Climate control with privat bath 18-25 USD- Good Wi-Fi, no breakfasts.

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