Social Visa to Myanmar

Myanmar Social Visa

No, a visitor visa is not an alternative to a tourist or business visa. Forms for social visa; download here. May I convert it into a business or social visa? Social Visit Visa, valid for a limited period of time.

There are two application forms for social visas.

What kind of visas to request (tourist or company visits) - Myanmar Message Board

Hey guys, need your help with visas applications beginning with the visa to apply. What do you need? I' m an Indo-American national residing in the UK and will travel from India to Myanmar. I' m going to stay with my boyfriend, who currently lives in Myanmar. What kind of visas should I get?

I' ll spend a few nights in a motel. On a personal level, I would only request a tourist visa (FIT) because you will not receive a social visa because you do not comply with the requirements (you must be a spouse or children of a person living in Myanmar, etc.) See the website for more information and the Top Questions theme on the right.

Another interrogative issue - what should I include on my friend's passport application or his or her accommodation details? Simply enter a hospitality adress, everyone will, because they don't pay attention.

Questions about the Myanmar Forum

Hi blokes, I've been looking up this bulletin board as to what is soi poll visas before I decided to ask a Q&A here, but those other poles got me baffled even more! I am currently a national of Canada, but was borne in Myanmar (and therefore Myanmar is written on my Myanmar passport).

Since I was a child in Myanmar, I have had to get a Myanmar Visas for a public meeting, but other postings in this forums said otherwise. I will be spending the night in Myanmar in a hotel and not in a home of my family.

Am I still entitled to a touristic permit? In all honesty, what kind of visas I need to get is not a dilemma, the dilemma is if I need to get a welfare visas, I have to excavate old documents of my family and my family and of course it's neat.

Even for everyone who volunteered for a community trip to see the country, how long did it take? when I need my pass at the Myanmarassy.

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