Social Visa to Myanmar

Myanmar Social Visa

IMMIGRATION AND NATIONAL REGISTRATION DIRECTORATE. Myanmar visas include tourist, business, social, meditation, transit and multiple-entry visas. What is the application deadline for a Myanmar visa? Please contact us to apply for a social visa (friends or family visit). Photographs may not be taken earlier than the last six months.

A social visa for father-in-law and spouse? - New York Forum

A social visa for father-in-law and spouse? I' m going to Myanmar with my man and his mom (my mother-in-law). As an ex-Myanmar national, many of my family are in Myanmar, so as a son of an ex-Myanmar national, I will apply for a visa for a social visa.

But can my spouse and his wife get a social visa? A social visa for father-in-law and spouse?

Touristic visa vs. social visa. - All Myanmar Visa Information

With this information, I wonder whether you have not applied for a residence card for your house, how did the general government find out? Myat, thank you for the information you gave me, I already knew it wasn't permitted to remain in a Myanmar home for expatriates, but I thought it was not just a tourist visa, but most visa except the social visa.

Though I don't know much about the social visa, do you know what the requirements are and the terms and Conditions to apply for one? Prost, I think the expatriate must decide which visa to get if he or she decides to come to Myanmar. I' m going to ask my boyfriend to ask for a social passport the next day he visits Myanmar.

In Myanmar for TS33 we have a system called "Eae Saryin Tine" Eae = guard, Saryin = Listine = Apply/Register, which means just that the housekeeper has to request a week ticket for the visitor from the churchmaster.

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