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Whatever time of year you visit Snowshoe Mountain Resort, there's always something going on. Snow-shoe hiking is perhaps the most peaceful way to enjoy the beauty and tranquility of winter in Tyrol. Snow shoes fit most outdoor boots and shoes. Snowshoes with snowboard boots can also be used. With family, friends or on a romantic excursion, snowshoeing is the ideal way to explore breathtaking winter landscapes.

Snowshoe tours | Aosta Valley

Like all mountaineering activity, don't over estimate yourself when you're on hard and demanding trails: find out about the routes and how the mountains are snowing and always keep an eye on the meteorological forecasts. Skiing can be different every year, so the times suggested for each trip are about.

Also see the snowshoeing tours. From the car park to Blanchard, take the asphalt road: go over the Evan├žon River and put on your snowshoes. Coming from the car park, follow the street for a few hundred metres to the right bend: from here the street is mostly snow-covered and you can begin the outing.

Snowshoe hiking in Tyrol | Austrian Tyrol

The large snowshoe surfaces make it easy to hike through off-piste areas - whether it'?s in the form of powders or packs. If you explore the snow-covered countryside on feet, you will quickly recognize the benefits of these age-old hiking equipment. Rather than staying on the signposted paths, you can go snowshoeing in unspoilt countryside and hike easily through fields of snows where they would drop knee-deep with regular footwear.

Snow shoes are very easy to use and don't need any prior knowledge - just buckle up, lift sticks and off you go! If you want advice on how to use your snow shoes, you can rent a regional walking tourer. Snow-shoe walks take place all over Tyrol, many of them in the 17 winter magic regions, the natural reserves and the Hohe Tauern National Park.


Discoverature..... Do you want to try an exercise that blends enjoyment, sports and exploration? Snowshoe hiking is the right thing for you! Do you know that snowshoe hiking in the oldest winter sports in the word? More than 10,000 years ago, the snowshoe permitted the hunter to move around in spite of the thick snows.

Today, snowshoe hiking has become a real sport and recreational pastime. A big benefit is that everyone can indulge in it, as it does not require any special skills or special fitness. You can also snowshoe through the breathtaking scenery around the reserve at your own speed. Raquette is the perfect place for you if you are looking for tranquillity and tranquility in the middle of the countryside with the noise of the crunch of snow under your ankles.

There is a real passions in our loving to share the most wild areas of our mountain. There are 60 trainers at your disposal who speak 17 different langauges. It is the duty of our staff to ensure a unique experience: Our most beautiful outdoor pursuits in the world's biggest skiing area: Let your adventurous dream come through!

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