Snow in Myanmar 2016

Myanmar Snow 2016

Snow falls hits Myanmar's Kachin state. Read: SNOW COVERS NORTHERN MOUNTAINS IN VIETNAM. At the depth of October 14, 2016. Only one place in Southeast Asia where you can see snow-capped mountains and, if you like, even climb. Burmese: ?

???????????) is the northernmost city in the state of Kachin, Myanmar.

Snow of Myanmar - Authentic Myanmar TRAVEL - DMC

After arriving at Putao International and transferring to Malikha Lodge for noon. A trip to the Yegyawdi and the Nam Lang rivers (in half a day). In the afternoon we begin with an escursion with an elephant. You will be guided by a group of 11 animals through the clear, fast-flowing water of the Nam Lang and through the terrace paddy field up to the Yegyawdi town.

Evening meal and beverages in the cottage in front of the fireplace and overnight stay in the motel. We will have our lunches at the barbeque in the shadow of the wood. At the end of the afternoon the jeep is waiting for you to come back to your motel.

Evening meal and night in your room. Rafting from the Mulashidi Suspended Brigde to connect Nam Lang and Malikha riverbanks, we are taken past the picturesque canyon to our barbecue area. We will have our lunches in a beautiful riverbank in the canyon. Continuing on the Malika to Manchanbaw city, set in lush verdant rolling countryside, dotted banks of streams and blank sandy spots, we will see prospectors from the nearby towns looking for real goldsmither.

In the afternoon, after a brief walk through the town, you will drive back to Malikha Lodge to watch the sundown. Evening meal and night in your room. You' ll have the opportunity to explore and get to know Mulashidi and the Putao River and some of the local industry. We' ll also go to the Putao Fair, which will get up early, and try a smoky cup of Shan noodles for breakfasts.

The lunch will be taken at the motel. At night back to the motel for a large, warm dip in marvellous tea baths and / or a classic massages in the spas. Supper and night in your room. We will have a nice and relaxing morning meal at the lodge, after which we will take you to Putao International Airfield and flight back to Yangon.

Transfers to the internatinal airports, support with the paperwork for your return home. 11171, Yangon, Myanmar.

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