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Great cuisine, a bar, spacious sun decks, snorkelling and land excursions. Burma Banks are only a small part of the Mergui Archipelago. You can snorkel Myanmar's best destinations on the dive safari. Or return to the water for a refreshing swim or a snorkel. Diving in Burma, however, is more than just amazement at the sharks.

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To plan a journey to Myanmar instead of Thailand, what with all the shit that goes on there and wonder if there are any good snorkelling or dives. Myanmar's Mergui Archipelago is better than Thailand, like many others, and it is still untouched. They can come from Thailand or to Yangon, then go to Kawthaung and try.

You will simply be in Thailand and there are so many experts in snorkelling and diving, and they will also be contacting Burma tourist office and GOVT agents, and you can ask Moby and Myanmar Poles Stars who will be arranging them from Burma, I really look forward to seeing you there as soon as I work in Myanmar Poles Stars in a few days, but at this point I have made itineraries for these places.

It is the best season to explore Myanmar's islands, the climate is good, the only possibility to explore from Kawthong, the southernmost city. 3 snorkelling and scuba-diving agencies are located in this city. You will have frequent scuba excursions with professionals.

This can be reached from Yangon-Kawthong or Ranong ("Thailand Border") with a separate permit. Ngapali is good, but not really great, if you like to leave scuba and just go snorkeling.

However you can get good quality Yangon accommodation at $50, dinner at $10 and domestic flight of $65ew. The Andman Club in Myeik Islands( South end )The Andman Club organizes snorkeling trips there regularly every Saturday 1600 Baht per day ( 8.00 am to 5.00 pm). Ngapli Strand on the west shore.

Birds Island, 2 hour drive from Chaung Tha or Ngwe Saung beaches (west of Yangon) is the least expensive option.

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