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Are you planning a trip to Russia for the World Cup? The Ooredoo shops are packed with intelligent things and intelligent people who are ready to help. Will we cancel our plans to go to Myanmar? Simply be wise and careful and stay blurred as to which side you are on. This is an interesting hike for smart travellers in Burma to Yankin Hill.

Burma - Culture Smart! An indispensable guide to customs and culture - Kyi Kyi May

For half a hundred years Burma, with a new democracy and civil rule, is experiencing important changes as it draws closer to its next election in 2015, concealed from the attention of the rest of the world by Burma's self-insulationism. Burma's tribe is naturally kind and courteous, traditional casual and peaceful.

They' re also great fans of entertainment, amusement and celebrations - in fact there is a party for every year. Smart Culture! The book provides priceless insight into the inner workings of the Burmese, their histories, customs, attitudes and work ethics, and provides hands-on guidance on what to look for in different situations and how to do it.

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Be very careful in Burma because of the insecure insecurity and the potential for civilian commotion. Always keep an eye on your own privacy and keep an eye on the news items for possible new threats. In Burma, protesting and organizing popular gatherings is against the law.

Prevent all protests and road manifestations as they can become violence. Do not take pictures of demonstrators, the army or the cops, as this is not acceptable to the Myanmar government. Don't go to areas near the Thai/ Thailand borders because of the danger of ethnical conflicts, bandits and unlabelled mines.

Australia is encouraging people to prevent needless trips to the area. World Health Organization has acknowledged a case of a humane bird flu in Burma. Please use information as a guideline and always review Smart Traveller for the latest information. Please note: Please be sure to sign up with Smart Traveller before traveling abroad.

Myanmar's ongoing safety record - Mandalay Forum

We' re going to Myanmar, Mandalay/Bagan/Yangoon in two week and like everyone else we've seen the latest newscasts. I' ve looked at the intelligent traveler and he doesn't say much more than before the moment. You think it's secure to be traveling in Myanmar right now?

So, yes, I think it's quite safe to go to these places. Hello, Andrew, it's a good exercise to verify that before you leave. I' m back from Bagan the night before last via Yangon. Rain in Yangon and Bagan is still warm during my sojourn. In Rakhine State, most areas are secure, and the areas that are hazardous need a separate entry permission anyway, so you should be okay if you go to the places that are permitted with a regular visas.

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