Small Boutique Hotel Yangon

Yangon Small Boutique Hotel

" Mandalay has a shortage of small, high-quality boutique hotels, and the Bagan King is helping to settle the score. "An exclusive selection of boutique and small luxury hotels in Myanmar with the best guest rating. Drive south of Yangon to Karen State and enjoy the breathtaking scenery with many monoliths and caves. Rooms are quite small, but full of charm and character. Discounts on THE LINK YANGON BOUTIQUE HOTEL in Yangon, Myanmar.

Beautiful small boutique hotel - Review of Hotel @ Yangon Heritage, Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar

Situated in a beautifully restored historic central Sule Pagoda Road hotel, opposite Sule Plaza and Sule Railway Terminal (good to know to show the way to the cabbie; there is a cop stop in a green block near the hotel, next to it there is a cafe, cab to/from the airfield was 9-10k Kyats).

The Sule Pagode, Sule Shangri-La Hotel and Sakura Tower (go there for a few sun downer beer and take in the view; leave out the mild beverages and average food) are all within easy Walk. The breakfast is on the top level in a high room with a view of Sule Pagoda Road. It' great to watch the streets.

This is the hotel we reserved for our first overnight stay in Yangon before leaving for Bagan the next morning.

Beautiful little boutique hotel - Review of Merchant Art Boutique Hotel, Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar

And I was disillusioned with this hotel where I stayed two-night. I' ve reserved a luxury room for 2 persons and paid 108 for 2 overnight stays. As I was brought into the room, I could not believe what my eye saw: What for the West would be a classical room with a king-size bedroom, without-window.

So I asked for a reimbursement and I was willing to go, but I asked to talk to a manager because I was really miserable about the state. When I talked to 2 manager, I got a double room with a door on the walls, but that was better than nothing for me.

Situated excellently as only 10 minute walking distance from the Shwedagon pit, but I would not return to this place as 55 pounds/night is too high a rate to be paid for this hotel, and definitely not the effort to spend more to get a luxury room, which is just a dip off not to do.

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