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Myanmar Skynet Prize

and thank you for visiting our site. Myanmar's Tea Entertainment has teamed up with a local conglomerate to expand its customer base in Myanmar's media industry. This is Myanmar SkyNET DTH Details . I would have chosen Skynet because there are more channels for a similar price. Don't calculate the price of the recipients yet.

There is a great need for satellites

Just a decade ago, satelite TV was unavailable to many Myanmar homes. At that time, only a small proportion of wealthy customers could finance luxurious entertainments. Broadcasters such as Sky Net, 4 TV and 5 Network have come onto the scene and offer a broad spectrum of TV stations from sport, newscasts, dramatic shows and entertainments to film.

The two most sought-after products, according to Pho Zaw, Myo Thein Electronics Store's Assistent Commercial Director in Mandalay, are Sky Net and IV. "They like Sky Net mainly for soccer games, like the Premier League and the Champions League. To entertain, folks favor 4TV," he said. More than 90 high-definition (HD) TV stations are included in the 4 TV.

There is a K8900 per subscription per month and if the membership lasts three successive round-trip round-trip, one free per-week period is one. Consumers must purchase the K45,000 GPS tuner and map in combination with an aerial or satelite plate. For those who don't just want to watch soccer games, the SN-9 provides nearly 80 TV stations for TV and TV coverage, as well as TV and TV coverage, for a K6300 per monthly charge.

When clients want to set up the 4 TV, they can pick their own channel in the shop or if they want to pick them at home, they need a tech to make a home visit for an extra 10,000K. When a customer chooses to deploy Sky Net, resellers must provide a free installer.

Bloomberg Media Group cooperates with Skynet to launch Myanmar's first multi-platform Business & Technology News.

YANGON, Myanmar, May 24 -- Bloomberg Group today announces a strategic alliance with Skynet, the country's premier pay-TV operator, to deliver high-quality economic and finance coverage across various major Myanmar audio-visual channels. Bloomberg Skynet will be part of the partnering agreement to supply Skynet with information, contents, resources and trainings that will be backed by Bloomberg's more than 2,700 message pros around the globe.

Skynet recruits and expands its current Corporate Intelligence staff and produces unique corporate and technological intelligence in Myanmar from Monday to Friday. Selected programs from Bloomberg's worldwide Skynet subscriber database are also compiled and captioned in Myanmar. "We' re pleased to be working with a major broadcasting service such as Skynet to create funding expertise in a rapidly growing market," said Dan Molloy, Commercial Director for Asia-Pacific, Bloomberg Media Group.

"Whilst the county remains open to international investor, we want to have useful discussions about Myanmar's commercial and capital spending environment. It is an important part of our overall expanding international network, which involves working with communications companies in key worldwide marketplaces. "Myanmar is a promising growing player for paid TV and there is a genuine shortage and appetite for real-time wireless communication in businesses and technologies," said U Ko Ko Ko Ko, Vice President (News and Infotainment), Skynet.

"cWe are pleased to work with Bloomberg in bringing Myanmar's history of economic and technological development to the rest of the country. "Bloomberg media group, the consumer-oriented Bloomberg LP network, is the world's premier corporate and finance corporation, attracting a premier public of more than 80 million people.

The Bloomberg Media Group links powerful target groups with messages, concepts and information on all platforms: digitally, TV, broadcast, printed and livecam. It has over 2,700 reporters and analyst in 120 nationalities. Bloomberg, the world's leading provider of economic and finance information and messages, gives powerful decision-makers a decisive advantage by linking them with a vibrant information, human and idea hub.

Bloomberg's strengths - providing fast and accurate delivery of information, messages and analysis through cutting-edge technologies - are at the heart of the Bloomberg Terminal. Bloomberg's business solution builds on the company's key competence: the use of technologies that enable clients to better and more efficiently retrieve, aggregate, share and administer information and information.

SkyNet is Myanmar's premier 110-channel televised pay-TV channel system with a full range of films, children, education, culture, lifestyle, newscasts, entertainments, live shows, sport and more. Introduced in November 2010, the SkyNet trademark is a DTH TV service providers own by SHWE THAN LWIN MEDIA CO., LTD. which has 100% signalling in Myanmar and is known for its slogan "SkyNet for The People".

By disseminating the TV broadcast Skynet has developed an unparalleled TV viewing opportunity for Myanmar's citizens from all social classes. As well as the extensive categories of internal programming, SkyNet provides 28 internal programming such as Cartoon, World Movies, Asian Movies, HD Movies, Myanmar Movies, Myanmar Arts, Myanmar Drama, World Drama, Music, Knowledge, Education, Health, Agri/Livestocks, Home, Tine Yin Thar, Teen, Hadaya, Hluttaw and Buddha channe.

Sport enthusiasts can also use eight 24-hour sport stations that cover 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil, 2018 FIFA WORLD CUP Russia, UEFA Euro 2012, UEFA Euro 2016, The London Olympic 2012 and Rio Olympic 2016 - all available only on the Skynet plattform. In 2011, Skynet started the only 24-hour newscast station in Myanmar named Up to Date.

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