Sky Road Connemara

Connemara Sky Road

Sky Road in Clifden is one of the most picturesque areas of Connemara. Then you' re going to see Connemara. Sights in Connemara - The Sky Road Rightly renowned for the view it offers, Sky Road leads you up between the rolling countryside over Clifden Bay and the off-shore cliffs of Inishturk and Turbot. From the market square, take the signs to Monument Hill (1km on the left). On the top of Monument Hill is a monument of the city' s creator, John D'Arcy (1785-1839).

It is a good viewpoint to take pictures of Clifden with its two towers and the Twelve Bens scenery. It is possible to go up Sky Road on foot, by bike or by road. At the highest point you will see a parking lot and a viewpoint on the lefthand side (about 5.5 km from Clifden).

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The Clifden and Sky Road

The Clifden is located on the western shore of Ireland in County Galway against the scenery of the 12 Ben Mountains and the wonderful jagged shoreline. It is the centre of the Connemara area and is known as the capital of Connemara. Whilst the main tourist attractions in the area are the countryside, the Clifden is a great place to stay for some while.

Sky Road in Clifden is one of the best tourism destinations in the Connemara area. This 11 km long trail leads from Clifden to the south. To put it plainly, the landscape along Sky Road is breathtaking. Few places in Ireland can surpass the rough scenic landscape you can see from Sky Road.

From Clifden the trail is well marked and easily found. When you leave Clifden, Sky Road splits into the lower and higher streets. While the lower road gives you a very near look at the countryside, the top road is most loved for the panoramic scenery it provides over the area.

At the highest point of the street there is a parking lot with lots of space for parking and taking snaps.

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