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Myanmar Sky Network

Celestial Network (DTH & MPS). [ MAN] BUDDHA MYANMAR SKY NET SKYNET. DTH Skynet address, phone number, email, reviews and photos. Myanmar TV Guide, live streaming offerings, delayed and repeated programming, broadcast rights and provider availability. The SKYNET Direct to Home is a pay TV satellite operator operating nationwide in Myanmar by Shwe Than Lwin Media Co.

Floomberg to invest in Myanmar through Skynet transaction

It is Bloomberg's first big breakthrough into Myanmar's audio-visual environment with its partnership with pay-TV broadcaster Skynet. As part of the agreement, Bloomberg Skynet will make available information, materials, employee trainings and contents that will be localized into the respective nationalĀ languages. Selected programs from Bloomberg's worldwide Skynet subscriber database are also compiled and captioned in Myanmar.

"We are pleased to be working with a major broadcasting service such as Skynet to create funding expertise in a rapidly growing market," said Dan Molloy, Commercial Director for Asia Pacific, Bloomberg Media Group. "Whilst the county remains open to international investor, we want to have useful discussions about Myanmar's commercial and capital spending environment.

It is an important part of our overall growth policy, which involves working with communications companies in key worldwide marketplaces. "Bloomberg Media Group, the consumer-oriented audio-visual organisation of Bloomberg LP, is the world's premier enterprise for corporate and finance and reaches a premier public of more than 80 million people.

The Bloomberg Media Group links powerful target groups with messages, concepts and information on all platforms: digitally, TV, broadcast, printed and livecam. It has over 2,700 reporters and analyst in 120 nationalities.

Canal NewsAsia starts in Myanmar on Sky Net

MediaCorp's Channel NewsAsia (CNA) has expanded its sales to Myanmar with its recent signature for promotion with pay TV provider Sky Net. CNA' s CEO, Debra Soon, said: "Opening Myanmar to the outside world has enabled Channel NewsAsia to offer its unparalleled range of information and newscasts to the Myanmar population.

Since we are preparing to go live with Channels NewsAsia from January 2013, we would be covering even more of the area. "In the last ten years, the station has documented everything that is important in Asia. To be a voices in Myanmar is a move in the right vein.

She added: "As we enter the next stage of our expansion, we are pleased to have Sky Net as a key industry player in Myanmar. The Channel NewsAsia is operated on channels 40 and 20 of Sky Net's DTH and Internet Protocol (IPTV) infrastructures. Forever Group MRTV-4 in Myanmar also offers Channel NewsAsia on its international MRTV-4 website.

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