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Located just southwards of the great watershed separating the Euroasian plaque from the sub-continent of India in the largely glacierized part of the Karakorum, also known as the "Third Pole". Between the Saltoro Ridge to the West and the Karakorum ridge to the East.....

Inclusive of all side gliders, the Siachengletscher system encompasses some 700km². The name Siachen therefore relates to a country with a wealth of rose. Tom Longstaff is credited with the name of the ice itself, or at least its localization. In the Karachi Accord of 1949, the dividing line was only described in detail up to the point NJ9842, whereupon the Accord states that the dividing line "from there northwards to the glaciers" is continued.

"40 ][41][42][43][44] According to the Hindi attitude, the dividing line along the Saltoro Range, just beyond the NJ9842 westward of the Siachengletscher, should be continued approximately northwards;[45] internationally borderline following the Mt. mountains often do so by following the watershed[38] like that of the Saltoro Range.

Mount Siachen is a spring of the Nubra River, which later flows into the Shyok River. This is the highest battlefield on earth,[65] where Pakistan and India have been fighting in intermittent combat since April 1984. India and Pakistan both wanted to break away from the expensive army Outpost. After Pakistan's invasions during the 1999 Kargil War, however, India gave up its plan to leave Siachen without officially recognising Pakistan's present line of command and warned of further attacks by Pakistan when they leave the Siachen glaciers without such acknowledgement.

Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari and Pakistan's Army Chief Ashfaq Parvez Kayani paid a tour of the area in 2012. Both showed their dedication to resolving the Siachen dispute as early as possible. Last year Indian President Abdul Kalam was the first President to pay a tour of the region.

India has opened restricted mountain climbing and hiking tours to the region since September 2007. This expedition is also intended to show visitors from all over the world that India's forces are holding "almost all the dominant heights" on the Saltoro Ridge and that Pakistan' forces are not in the vicinity of the Siachen Glacier.

67 ] India ignores the Pakistan protest and claims that it does not need consent to dispatch hikers to Siachen, as it is largely its own area. Dinesh Kumar (April 13, 2014). Chandigarh, India: Accessed April 18, 2014. India-Pakistan conflict: The Tribune, Chandigarh, India - Opinions".

Siachenko Glacier is 76 km long; Fedchenko Glacier in Tajikistan is 77 km long. Second longest in the Karakoram Mountains is the Biafo Glacier with 63 km (39 mi). Gauhar, Feryal Ali; Yusuf, Ahmed (November 2, 2014). "Seriachen: Accessed August 4, 2017. North, Andrew (April 12, 2014).

"Siachen' s quarrel: The Battle of India and Pakistan's Glaciers". Accessed August 4, 2017 - from India took the reins of Siachen - Times of India" in 1984. Accessed August 4, 2017. The Siachen story, then and now. SIACHEN saga. Siachen fatalities reinforce the decision to keep the glacier: lndia's changing course:

The Tribune, Chandigarh, India - Opinions". Siachenhöhe gives India militaristic profundity that cannot allow itself to be lost. Rodriguez, Alex (April 8, 2012). "117 troops fearing death". Accessed April 14, 2012. Bleedings in Siachen: Each year Pakistan loses 30 troops on the highest battle field. Rescues in the gayari sector after the Pakistan snowstorm, photo gallery".

33 Indians slain in Siachen since 2012: govt". "869 army men perished in Siachen fighting the elements." Kashmir's Siachengletscher an icy post in the India-Pakistan war. April 7, 2012. Accessed April 14, 2012. TRIBUNIAN. Accessed April 8, 2012. The Battle for Siachen. April 22, 2012.

Demilitarisation of the conflict zone Siachen: Archive ed from the orginal (PDF) on April 17, 2012. Dzingrulma Settlement Siachen. India must stick to Siachen: "The army should remain in Siachen, says General Bikram Singh." The Tribune, Chandigarh, India - Opinions". If Siachen is not left, we cannot rely on Pakistan, says Manohar Parrikar.

This is how the aerospace engineering of ISRO can help saving the life of troops in Saxony. a ^ a bo "Siachen: "bullsh on seriachen." Archives from the orginal on February 22, 2014. The Tribune, Chandigarh, India - Opinions". Siachengletscher: Army defies Pakistan's call to withdraw troops from Siachengletscher". Accessed May 30, 2015.

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Accessed April 30, 2012. "Siache Snow under Fire". lndia today. Accessed May 6, 2012. Accessed May 11, 2012. Emmanuel Duparcq (April 11, 2012). "Seriachen-Tragödie - Tag 5: Lawinensuchaktionen für Schlechtwetterhunde". Accessed May 20, 2012. Kamal Thakur (November 1, 2014). "Sixteen things you should know about India's soldiers defending Siachen."

Retracted on May 16, 2014. Pakistan wants a solution to the question of Siachen: 18 April 2012. Accessed April 30, 2012. "Get ting out of the box on the ice. It could become an organic reservation or a peaceful area. Calcutta, India. Accessed May 20, 2012. Siyachen: Accessed April 30, 2012. Accessed April 30, 2012. Accessed April 30, 2012.

Siache Science Center: Retracted on May 19, 2014. "Siachen to become the Science Center." Accessed May 20, 2012. This is the first complete presentation of the Siachen Wars from the side of India and Pakistan. Clash in Siachen, Bharat Rakshak.

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