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??? ????????? Visitors of Mrauk U often find accommodation in Sittwe, as well as a handful of restaurants.

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MLCTS: Sittwe (Burmese: ??????????; MLCTS: e.g. MLCTS: e kaq: e-spell: MLCTS: MLCTS: e.k.; Myanmar pronunciation: Akyab) is the state' s capitol, Myanmar (Burma). Sittwe is a Rakhine word and is situated on an estuary of the Kaladan, Mayu and Lay Mro estuaries, which flow into the Bay of Bengal.

Sittwe Township and Sittwe District are located here. Sittwe is the name of the Myanmar-based Rakhine Saite-Twêy (literally "the place where the battle meets"). In 1784, when Burma's King Bodawpaya marched into the kingdom of Mrauk U, the Rakhine defense forces met the Myanmar army at the estuary of the Kalandan Valley.

That place where the fight took place was known by the Rakhine as Site Twêy and by the Burmese as Sittwe. At the beginning of 1825, during the First Anglo-Burmese War, the Brits ended up at Sittwe and deployed their troops to the old Ahkyaib-daw pit, which is still in the town.

Sittwe, a small fishermen's town, became an important seaport for marine trade after the Anglo-Burma War after the English invasion of Arakan, today's Rakhine State, especially as a harbour for exporting raw materials. The Sittwe was the scene of a fight during the capture of Arakan by the Myanmar monarch Bodawpaya.

1784 the 30,000 powerful expedition troops met the provincial government of U-rit-taung, Saite-ké (General) Aung and his 3000-man troop. 2 ] Although the Iraqi troops predominated, they tried to attack the Myanmar troops both on shore and at sea, but they were severely beaten. Throughout World War II, the country was an important location for many struggles during the Burma campaign, as it had both an airport and a deep-sea dock.

The Sittwe is the birth place of the Myanmar Mongols. This was the birth place of U Ottama, the first friar to demonstrate against the British colonialists in Myanmar. Also in the recent 2007 protests, known as the Saffron Revolution, it was the Saffron Revolution that began the protests against the Myanmar army rule.

Okan Amar is called Ami Teylat SARTA Sapta 2y 1din Kora Yatam Sittwe and hosts the Dhanyawadi Naval Base, called after the old Dhanyawadi city-state Dhanyawadi. Sittwe' biggest ethnical group is the tribe of the Rakhines. There are Rohingya and some Burmese from other parts of the state.

The most popular tourist destination in Sittwe is perhaps Point. Shwezedi Centenary Convent is a renowned convent in Sittwe. This was the convent of U Ottama, which was the first Myanmar religious. Pharagri Sittwe, the center of Sittwe's Buddhist surroundings, next to Shwezedi Cloister.

The Rakhine State Cultural Museum, which contains artefacts on Rakhine civilization and touring. Sittwe' s climates are classed as the tropic moon climates (Am) according to the Köppen climatic system. In Sittwe, June, July and August it rains on a monthly basis by an annual rate of more than 1m. Under a recently concluded Myanmar-India bi-lateral trading agreement in October 2011, the two nations committed a US$120 million harbour and multi-modal investments to complement the infrastructures connecting India's north-eastern province via India's Mizoram with Sittwe by 2013.

Sittwe harbour is undergoing major excavation work and the building of new berths. As soon as it is up and running, it will provide a one-way route for Burma and India carriers to and from Kolkata. Wai-Thar-Li Stadium is home to Rakhine United F.C., a Myanmar National League (MNL) team. It seats 7,000.

Hector Hugh Munro, better known under his pseudonym Saki, was borne in Sittwe in 1870. Myanmar 2014 Census of Population and Housing. "but not from her plight." Climatologic information for Sittwe, Myanmar". Sittwe Climate Guide, Burma (Myanmar)". Climate Guide.

India is developing the harbour of Myanmar in favour of the north-east. Wiki voyage has a guidebook for Sittwe. The Wikimedia Commons has got press on Sittwe.

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