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Myanmar Beach Sittwe

The beach of Sittwe, which has dark sand but is good for swimming, is located just west of View Point. Myanmar. Shu Khin Thar Street, Sittwe, Myanmar. Tour Sittwe Beach, Myanmar and relax on the beach. Chauung Thar Beach Invalid Input.

The Sittwe is the capital of Rakhine, Burma's second poorest state.

Thustiful .... - Review of Sittwe Beach, Sittwe, Myanmar

There' s only one hotel on the beach. The beach feels like a new beach to me. However, there is a great deal of street cuisine on the beach and some shops have good tastes. The Sittwe Beach really begins a few leagues from the town. It' going in forever, but like many areas in Myanmar, she has a great deal of garbage that the flood brings in.

There was a place for taking pictures and seeing the sea sunset's nature and it was designed with wonderful designs and was called a lookout point.

Well, it was one of the most astonishing places in Sittwe for a pick nick. So we decided to go for a walk at sundown, because the view of the sundown is supposed to be legend. You ever been to Sittwe Beach?

Sight and Sittwe Beach

Sittwe' s main square can be recognized by its unique (and no longer used) steel watch-house. Situated directly to the west, the Fishmarket is fun to stroll through and enjoy the ambience, and when you arrive at the promenade, you can see the pleasing contrasts of a peaceful footpath overlooking the estuary of the Kaladan estuary.

View Point (sometimes shortened to Point) is one of the most beloved places in Sittwe. A few kilometers southwards of the city, where the Kaladan River joins the ocean, there is a small garden (complete with a brewery station) and an old watch tower with a 360-degree panorama view. The beach of Sittwe, which has a lot of black sands but is good for a swim, is situated just westwards of View Point.

There is a tuk-tuk from the city center for about K1500; when you get back after nightfall, make sure you have prepared the transportation for your trip, as it is a long stroll and the tuk-tuks are not hanging around. There are several cloisters, the most popular being the Shwe Zedi Kyaung (Golden Pagoda Monastery), about ten min on foot just a few steps away from the main school.

Established in 1903, it is one of Sittwe's most attractive edifices and occupies an important place in regional religion and politics; it was the convent of the venerated anti-colonialist friar U Ottama. A larger choice of pictures of Sittwe can be found in our Flickr-photoset. A number of the city' s eateries offer a wide range of newly catched shellfish and other Rakhine cuisine, usually more spicy than Burma's cuisine - several of them are located on Mt. Yone Su Avenue.

On the eastern side of the Hauptstra├če, five minutes' walking distance from the Zentralmarkt, there is a Visa- and Mastercard-compatible KBZ ATM. It' secure for a foreigner to come to Sittwe and there are no travelling limits in the area.

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