Sittwe Myanmar

Myanmar Sittwe

The Sittwe is a town in Rakhine, Myanmar. Receive the Sittwe weather forecast. Myanmar Sittwe - The ultimate travel guide. Learn what you can do in Sittwe and create your own itinerary.

Places of interest

The Sittwe is located on an estuary of the Kaladan, Myu and Lemyo rivers. Sittwe is located between the eastern longitude of 92 degrees 56' and the northern latitude of 20 degrees 7' and 22 degrees 17'. The Rakhine State harbour town is located at the estuary of the Kaladan River, where it flows into the Bay of Bangal.

It began as a commercial harbour about 200 years ago and continued to develop after the 1826 war. There were two gigantic freight steamships sailing daily between Calcutta and Sittwe. There' is a unique Rakhine turn in Myanmar's off-the-shelf crop, which involves the pleasure of plenty of flavorful foods and colorful attire.

Sittwe has a temperate atmosphere. Located in the center of the city, this sanctuary has a large flat shed carried by columns adorned with glassy mosaics. In 1900 a large sitting Buddha picture was made in Rakhine with the usual regal suit for many Rakhine pictures.

The humble two-storey Myanmar Rakhine style Buddha painting is the best place to see in Myanmar. The majority of the pictures are less than one metre high, with the regal clothing that Rakhine Buddha's image has in community. You will also find some Buddha pictures from India and Hindu gods, some Thai and Japaneese Buddha statuettes, Mrauk U period sterling Silver medals, whistles, terracotta panels and etched astrology maps.

Visit our beautiful resort where you can relax and soak up the cool ocean breezes. There is a panorama look at the other side of the Kaladan River, the other side of the Kaladan River and the wild Layshinedaung islet. This viewpoint was also known as Farkir Point. Datt Thalondaw Pagoda is located at the west end of the city above the Ahgyettaw crest near the northwestern edge of the Royal Lake.

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