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UNESCO has designated five World Heritage Sites in Thailand. The best places of pilgrimage & destinations in India. Clongton, Klontoey Bangkok, Thailand. If you' re in Thailand, take the train. Visit us at Fitness First Thailand!


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Five sheltered areas you can explore. It is Thailand's oldest natural reserve and without a doubt wonderful, but it can be very crowded, especially in high time. More tranquil is the Pang Sida Nationalpark, where you can discover cascades and 400 butterfly sorts.

Often hailed as one of Thailand's most attractive historical towns, Ayutthaya is a must for fracturing churches and a view of the lavish Thailand of recent years. Inhabitants were expelled and the town was left, but what remains of the Ayutthaya still reminds us of its great importance in Thai society.

Situated on the Myanmar frontier, this part of Thailand is characterized by summits and dales, falls and various kinds of wood. This landscape is a good enough place to go, but the hundred of mammals, birds, reptiles and fresh water fishing provide additional charm - animals like tiger and elephant wander around the area.

You can use the Huai Kha Sanctuary HQ as a basis; there is a visitors' center and a few hiking paths that allow you to get into the area. The historic city of Sukhothai and the associated historic cities are among Thailand's most intriguing historic places, as they are ahead of their times in the fields of arts, Architecture, urban and more.

Si Satchanalai and Kamphaeng Phet were nearby and all three worked together harmoniously. These cities' landmarks and architectural styles were pioneering the kind of architectural styles found in Thailand today - so much so that they are called the "Sukhothai style".

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