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Muse lead singer Adele vs Matt Bellamy Your browser does not currently recognize any of the available video formats. What is Muse Star Making After Split with Kate Hudson? After nearly four years of involvement with the dam of his baby (Oscar-nominated actor Kate Hudson) and his recent hit with the UK's favourite band Muse, what is Matthew Bellamy's fortune? Recently, the muse celebrity made headlines after a spokeswoman for Kate Hudson formally declared that the actor had parted company with her long-time fiance Bellamy.

You were last seen less than a months ago at a fundraiser by Kate's mom, the iconic Goldie Hawn - what is now Matthew Bellamy's net value? Muse has been an integral part of the UK rocking community since the mid-1990s, when she was founded in 1994 - two decade-ago.

Since then they have been part of various different productions, among them six recording studios, two life records and one recording record - all this has put Matthew Bellamy's fortune where it is today. He is not only a singer in Muse, he also performs guitars and pianos and is the principal singer.

Matthew Bellamy's assets have increased significantly in recent years from the income of these various companies. Since 2010 he was in a relation with the Oscar-nominated actor Kate Hudson, Goldie Hawn's daugther. You got betroth-ted in early 2011 and had a boy, Bingham Hawn "Bing" Bellamy, in mid-2011.

She went through a long three-and-a-half year commitment and Hudson explained that she had no problems not getting remarried afterwards and said that her mother and father (Hawn and Kate's stepdad, Kurt Russell) had never knotted the baby. Matthew Bellamy's net value is currently $12 million, according to Celebrity NetWord, after various roles and assignments - among them the entry in the Guinness Book of Records for most guitar that were destroyed in a concert trip!

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