Singapore to Myanmar Flight Time

Myanmar to Singapore Flight Time

Weekly flights from Singapore Changi to Yangon. Cheap flights and last-minute offers from Singapore Changi to Yangon. What is the duration of the flight between Singapore and Myanmar? Find out live about arrival and departure times, flight schedules, airline information and other flight information. Syngapore Airlines, SilkAir, Jetstar Asia, Myanma Airways, Myanmar Airways International.

Cheap flights to Yangon from Singapore Changi

Singapore Airlines, SilkAir and Myanmar Airways International operate regular services from Singapore directly to Yangon. Jetstar has scheduled services connecting Singapore with Yangon on a day-to-day basis. TIGERAVAIR flies on all weekdays except Mondays and wednesdays. Travelling by coach and rail takes about 45 to 60 min. and costs about 2 SGD (1.50 USD).

In a hurry, most shuttle buses can take you to one of the three Singapore Changi Airport terminal within 25 min for about 20 to 30 SGD (about 15 to 22 USD). It is recommended that travelers from abroad travel at least 2 hrs in advanced and register.

Singapore Changi is reached by most foreign travelers well before their flight. There''s so much to do at the award-winning airfield - shopping, eating, watching a film, or strolling through a nursery - there's something for everyone! To change your primary currrency to another, you can do so at any of the three Singapore Changi Terminal (before and after immigration).

Keep in mind that you also receive a 7% discount on the Goods and Services Tax when you shop at Singapore Changi Airport! From Yangon Airport to the town is the simplest way is a prepaid cab for about $10 (SGD 14). It should take between 45 min. and almost twice as long, according to the situation.

Walk to Pyay Road (about 15 min from the airport) and take a public transport to the centre for about US$0.30 (SGD 0.40). In Yangon (GMT +6:30) he is 1 hr 30 min behind Singapore (GMT +8). Throughout the year, Yangon has a monthly average temperature of 28 degrees Celsius.

Burma's Kyat (MMK) is the country's official denomination, but the US dollar (USD) is also widely used. In Yangon, eat a Yangon food for less than 3 US$ (4 SGD) in a nearby food-store. That is at least half of what you have to buy in Singapore (12 SGD or 9 USD).

Prepare to spend about 17 US dollars (23 SGD) instead - almost half the Singapore SAR averages ('60 SGD' or'43 USD). A 4-star Yangon hostel on a 4-star basis should be about 80 SGD (60 USD) per overnight stay, while an upper 5-star hostel should be about 240 SGD (180 USD).

While the 4-star options are lower than the Singapore 4-star options at 120 SGD (87 USD), the 5-star hotels are very similar to the 250 SGD (181 USD) averages.

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