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>; Singapore; >; Singapore to Myanmar; >; Singapore to Yangon. Simple access to the flight schedule to book the best fares only from the best low-cost airline in the world. Booking your cheap flights online today! Choose the date, the origin and the destination to view our timetables. Burma domestic flights - Flights from Singapore to Burma.

Flight schedule from Singapore to Yangon, flight from Beijing to Shanghai

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Burma National Airlines is a passenger transportation company for travelers traveling in India and abroad. This links leaflets with international targets such as Yangon, Mandalay and Heho. Myanmar National Airlines offers 0 weekly services between Yangon and Singapore. Myanmar National Airlines' first flight is 1, which leaves at 7:30 a.m.

Last flight is 3 and departs at 16:15. A Myanmar National Airlines flight from Yangon and Singapore lasts on board for an hour and 50 minutes on averages. To take advantage of the best deals from Myanmar National Airlines, reserve your ticket 90 nights in advance. Get the best deals from Myanmar National Airlines. The Myanmar National Airlines service from Yangon starts from Yangon International Airport.

RGN is the IATA key for this Aiport. Once these services reach Singapore Changi International Airport, they will reach Singapore. Please note that the IATA key for this aerodrome is IATA. Find the best deals by using the fare schedule to compare fares. When' s the first flight from Yangon? First flight from Yangon to Singapore is at 7:30 am, this is Myanmar National Airlines 1.

When' s the last flight out of Yangon? Last flight from Yangon to Singapore is 4:15 p.m., this is Myanmar National Airlines. For Yangon and Singapore, what is the airportcode? Yangon is RGN and Singapore is SIN. The Yangon International is called?

Yangon International is the name of the main Yangon International Airfield. Which is the name of Singapore International Airports? Singapore Changi is the name of Singapore's main Singapore Changi International Aerodrome.

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