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Promoting Singapore to Myanmar

The Myanmar National Airlines (MNA) has just launched its maiden flight from Yangon to Singapore. HomeĀ - Plan and book - Book a trip; flight search. Locate daily travel promotions to Yangon, Myanmar from Singapore. The Myanmar National Airlines offers the widest choice of flights connecting Yangon with most of the country's smaller airports.

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Yangon to Singapore Maiden Flight of Myanmar National Airlines (MNA)

Myanmar National Airlines (MNA) could not be simpler to fly between Myanmar and Singapore. MNA took off on its maiden flight from Yangon to Singapore on August 17, 2015. From Yangon International Airport the new Boeing 737-800 takes off every day (except Saturday) in the mornings and will return from Singapore in the noon. For more information on the flight plans, see the following chart.

Check out the offical page on Yangon and Singapore to get the latest news about the opening ceremonies. You can be sure that you will enjoy the on-board services and the cordial welcome of the team. Fly to Myanmar and discover this beautiful and largely unexplored area.

Don't lose a moment - Booking now and get great rates from SGD 289 from Singapore and $239 from Yangon! They spend their free lessons to read a novel, watch films or think about their next possible adventures.

First Myanmar National Airlines flight to Singapore lands at Changi International Airport

Myanmar Airways (MNA) today marked a significant new era with the launch of its Yangon-Singapore flight at Changi lnt. Airport. It is the airline's first truly global itinerary in 22 years. There is now another airlines for Singaporeans to consider when travelling to Myanmar. "We are delighted to be able to offer our premium quality on-board experience to our passengers travelling between Singapore and Yangon," said MNA Chief Executive Officer Capt. Than Tun.

"MNA is dedicated to simplifying the trip to Myanmar and beyond, and we are proud to welcome our guests to join us and enjoy the island's unparalleled heat and culture," Captain Than Tun added. MNA connects Changi International Airport, Terminal 3 and Yangon International Airport as follows:

In celebration of the start of the new itinerary, MNA offers astonishing special rates from SGD 289 (round trip) from Singapore and $239 (round trip) from Yangon. Look out for these great rates when you plan a journey to Yangon! MNA has a tradition of more than 67 years and was the first governmental institution in the state to make its mark in 2014, adapting to the latest global norms for reliability and services.

The first of a number of new Boeing Next-generation 737 aircraft was added to its aircraft in June 2015. One of six Boeing Next-generation 737-800s and four 737-Max 8s MNAs ordered as part of a multi-million US Dollars plan to revive their mark and indicate Myanmar's resurgence as a competitively positioned member of the world' s air transport marke.

In addition, there are six ATR 72-600 for the German grid, the first two aircraft will arrive before the end of this year. Singapore-City Ticket Information: Information on tickets and flight bookings can be found on the website or by e-mail (e-mail protected). You can also call +65 6238 8603, the MNA sales office at Bencoolen Office Tower, 180B Bencoolen Street #03-02, Singapore 189648 or go to the airline's Facebook page.

Airfare is also available from authorized agencies.

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