Singapore Embassy Yangon

Embassy Singapore Yangon

Cheap hotels near the embassy of Singapore, Yangon. GERMAN SINGAPORE (Embassy of the Republic of Singapore). Ruiz opened the official Panama office in Yangon, Myanmar. Please contact your nearest IE Singapore Overseas Centre: IU Singapore Overseas Center List.

Singapore Embassy in Yangon, Burma (Myanmar)

Obtaining a students?visa. My dear commander, let me know how to obtain a study permit for a Myanmar resident coming to Singapore. Immigrant Visa" Yes, a copy of the and visiting Friends mail is the individual who sends or requests expenses. Hi, hello, sir, madam, thank you.

I would like to request the Singaporean visitor visas directly from the embassy and therefore know which documentation we need in detail. Mr/Mrs., if I can try again to get a Singapore visas after the on-line visas have been refused. There is no way I can try an on-line vision, so I want to try a manual. However, the visas office said I can get a manual visas refused after a weeks on-line visas.

I' m a Myanmar national, but I' m in Thailand on a college freshman Visa. I' d like to request a Singapore visas. Who do I send my application to? I would like to know what documentation is necessary for submitting a Singapore entry form. Can I know which assistance can be helpful when searching for the product on the Internet?

Our enterprise is the offical crews agency of Vallianz Offshore Marine Pte Ltd (VOM), Singapore. For seafarers, we have requested a Singapore seafarer's visas at the Singapore Embassy, Yangon, with an formal application from the DMA Maritime Department, a VOM Warranty Certificate and an e-ticket with a reservation number (but not yet confirmed) as receipts.

However, embassy personnel recently refused to accept visas by ticketing and persisted in creating validated e-tickets. The insistence on a validated e-ticket for applying for a non-accredited ETA visas has therefore been a headache for us. We' d be happy if you could explain why you change your policies by consisting of a validated e-ticket to apply for a student visas.

You are invited to exchange your experience with the Singapore Embassy - get visa and other related information, find the property and so on. The website is not run by the Embassy and your remarks and queries are not necessarily seen by your employees. Notice that this is not a platform for a wide discussion on Singapore's external policies, and such issues will be removed.

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