Singapore Embassy in Myanmar Yangon

Embassy of Singapore in Myanmar Yangon

Embassy & Consulate - Yangon, Myanmar. Embassy of Israel in Yangon, Myanmar. Embassy of Japan in Yangon, Myanmar. Embassy of the Republic of Singapore. Locate hotels near Singapore Embassy, Myanmar online.

Singapore Embassy in Yangon, Myanmar

The Embassy of Singapore in Yangon, Myanmar offers a comprehensive array of consulting and consulting activities for Myanmar's locals, Singaporeans and migrants. Singapore's embassy in Yangon provides support to Myanmar's people through its counsel: the Embassy in Yangon: The Singapore Pass and the Singapore Visas are only available to residents of Singapore and Myanmar.

It may take several months for the issuance of the Visa and Password of Singapore. Please consult the Singapore Embassy in Yangon if you have questions regarding visas and passports. Singapore's embassy in Yangon is Singapore's only embassy in Myanmar. In Yangon, the Embassy of Singapore is represented by one of Singapore's 75 consulates and embassies around the globe.

The Singapore Embassy in Yangon is represented in Myanmar by one of 33 international consulates and embassies from around the globe.

Embassy of Singapore in Yangon, Myanmar, Singapore Visas Yangon, Singapore Required only visas

Obtaining a Singapore to Yangon, Myanmar visa: The majority of Singaporeans are required to obtain a residence permit before coming to Singapore. If you are interested, you can submit your applications directly to the Singapore Embassy in Yangon or on-line. Review all Singapore Visum requirements: Prerequisite for applying for a Singapore visa: - Immigration to your further travel destination, e.g. to the Singapore.

Singapore Visum costs: Actual Singapore Visas are S$30 per issuance. Like one Yangon, Myanmar from Singapore visits? What is the duration of the Singapore visa: from 1 days to 4 wards. Need free Singapore Visas: What is the direct flight from Singapore to Yangon, Myanmar?

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Embassy of Singapore in Yangon in touch with a Myanmar journalist: THE MFA

Singapore's embassy in Yangon is in touch with Myanmar's government for detaining a self-employed journalist from Singapore, a spokesman for the Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) said on Monday (October 30). Mr Lau Hon Meng was arrested last Friday for an unauthorized tape of Myanmar's Hluttaw or House of Representatives.

The MFA spokesman said on Monday that the Singapore embassy in Yangon was informed by Myanmar's Foreign Ministry of Mr. Lau's arrests on the same date. Myanmar's government agencies are still investigating, MFA said. He added that the Singapore Embassy is in touch with the Myanmar government about Mr Lau's imprisonment.

"Mr Lau will receive the necessary consultative support from the Embassy and will follow carefully what is happening to make sure that Mr Lau receives a due and proper procedure. The MFA and the Embassy are in intimate touch with Mr. Lau's family," said MFA.

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