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Singhapapapore Airlines

SingaporeAir App offers you more travel comfort from booking to boarding and beyond. There are astonishing discounts on airline ticket bookings at Singapore Airlines. Collect and use MileagePlus miles on flights with our Star Alliance member airline Singapore Airlines. Experience your journey with Singapore Airlines. Sinapapore Airlines is the national airline known as the innovative market leader for its best in-flight products.

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SingaporeAir provides you with more comfort from reservation to flight and more. Additional functionality will be gradually added to the SingaporeAir application in upcoming upgrades, but here are some of the most important things you can do now: you can enjoy it: the SingaporeAir App: Now you can also use your mileage, AliPay or PayPal to book your flights, seat preferences, insurances and more.

You can check in on your phone for yourself and others with the same reservation. The PPS Club members can also use PPS Connect* to contact account managers. At the moment this only applies to PPS Club members with current Singapore cell phone numbers. Board and ride with flying styles.

First, I like Singapore Airlines (SIA) and I think they offer first-class client support throughout the whole worldwide aviation community. I' ve tried to book via the application to use part of the App-only promotional offer for next year's trip. However, the reservation system does not allow me to book a ticket if I do not have enough Krisflyer miles.

No, there is no such possibility. I have been repeatedly asked if I want to leave the reservation page, and when I click Yes, I will return to the first page and go through the whole pointless process. Even if I want to look for a flight, the Find pushbutton is not displayed correctly below it, and I can't move down the page to access and type it.

They miss many prospective clients when they find the reservation via the application a hurtful event like I did. It is one of my favourite and frequently used airline applications, yet it is also one of the applications that gives me a great deal of FREEDOM.

It is the only application of all the applications I use that often suspends and slows down the whole telephone when it is in use. My call to Singapore's airlines is to solve this problem, perhaps by eliminating the failed images if that is the actual cause. Does any of your app developments actually run betatests with actual itineraries before the release?

I have always accessed the offical desk top website to book my place when I'm on the go because I'm not able to do this over the applications even on an car phone line.

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