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National University of Singapore (NUS) This is Singapore's premier college. Hopefully you will be impressed by the many intriguing aspects that make NUS a premier Asia-based international school. Excellent opinion-makers, doers and shake hands in Singapore and around the world meet periodically on our campsite to exchange their knowledge and conduct an intelligenturse.

Professor Kenneth Paul Tan, Associate Professor at the NUS Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, spoke about how Singapore's government has developed since it gained sovereignty and what Singapore's outlook is for a prosperous career after Lee Kuan Yew, in which the state must fight to sustain its supremacy under ever more complicated circumstances, while at the same time assuming a prominent role in the world economy.

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It is our vision to achieve sustained momentum in Singapore's economy with strong businesses and good employment prospects. Our aim is to help locals and non-residents, as well as companies, find new ways to invest in Asia and around the globe. Find out more about the programs Singapore has to offer to help your company expand.

An investment guideline for Singapore, from starting a company to upgrading your company.

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Have a look at how Singapore's streets have evolved over the years. The 19-hour non-stop Singapore Airlines service to Newark took off from Changi Airport on 11 October. Stay with Rachel Quek and Hairianto Diman as they discuss the new rules that forbid employer to keep their maids' salaries; why more Singhalese wives stay singles; and the physician who has won the heart of newts.

Dr. Shravan Verma, 30, was on his way to a Jurong hospital on October 7th when he saw a man in the street near Lau Pa Sat: the Indian-born regular in Singapore was helping to stabilize the sacrifice while he waited for an Ambulance. Having passed away from cancers, his dad chose to become a juvenile labourer to help other vulnerable young people.

BT's six-part Smart York Trend Review explores the Singapore traffic landscape. BT's six-part Smart York Trend Review explores the Singapore traffic landscape. Search for nightly critters on a overnight walk, discover socially minded arts on the streets and enjoy specialty cocktails served in secret Speakeasy pubs in Malaysia's capitol.

In a six-part Smart City trend show, BT examines how Singapore is evolving towards a non-cash city. Singapore's junior icehockey squad won gold at the recent junior championship in Southeast Asia in Bangkok.

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