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Myanmar Silver Coast Beach Hotel

The Silver Coast Beach Hotel has all the modern facilities and amenities that offer leisure comfort and pleasure with impeccable hospitality in Myanmar. Or you can write a review for Silver Coast Beach Hotel (Off:). Ngwe Saung. Silver Coast Beach Hotel: Hotel Silver Coast, Ngwe Saung Beach, Kyaukkyi. Hotel Silver Coast, Ngwe Saung.

Beach Promenade, Ngwe Saung Beach, Myanmar

The Silver View Resort has 36 rooms. They are all beautifully decorated and many even offer comfort such as a sitting area, wake-up call services, toiletry, refrigerator, writing table. After an eventful and relaxing days in the town, the hotel provides great amenities, such as a beautiful gardens, motorised aquatic activities. No matter what your destination, Silver View Resort is an ideal option for your trip to Ngwesaung Beach.


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Quite a back-up schedule to the neighbouring Shwe Hin Tha Hotel, Silver Coast provides some low quality rooms at similar rates. There are two room models available: beach cabins with AC and refrigerator, and a stripe of ventilator rooms further away from the sea. He was a kind colleague we encountered, and he was always willing to help us, even though he seemed a little isolated in the empty hotel.

Featuring some smaller up-grades and a little bit of landscape design awareness, this hotel could be a top budgetary choice in Ngwe Saung. Dispatched every Monday, our newsletters are full of tips, updates and promotions.

Beach at the Silver Coast Beach Hotel in Ngwe Saung, Myanmar -

We had a strenuous sunday with sightseeing and long coach trips and after that we relaxed on the beach for a few sniffs. We' ve been told how nice the Myanmar beach is, so we decide to see for ourselves. Ngwe Saung was chosen because it is so remote and because it is only 6 hrs from Yangon.

At Ngwe Saung we spent the night at the beach of the Silver Coast Beach Hotel. Not only is the hotel one of the cheapest resort on the southern side of Ngwe Saung, but it is also one of the more beautiful as well. Rooms are large, cosy and have a great beach front views.

Most of the information about the hotel is that they offer so many free comforts, the rate seems almost too low. There are also free unrestricted hand Towels, insect repellent, tasty pancakes and eggnog breakfasts every mornings, and room dry cleaners every night to remove all the beach sands.

Whenever we asked for anything, they immediately assisted us, and they even assisted us to reserve Lil Yangon for the third and last evening we were to spend in Yangon. Your extraordinary help and support made our visit to the Silver Coast Beach Hotel more than anticipated. Our sojourn at this place made our beach days astonishing and made us fell in awe of Myanmar again.

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