Silver Beach Burma

Burma Silver Beach

N NGWE SAUNG: SILVER BEACH. in Ngapali Beach, Myanmar. Nice and friendly bungalow style accommodation on Ngapali beach in the state of Rakhine, Myanmar. Sandoway Hotel Resort, Rakhine State, Burma. Nice and friendly bungalow style accommodation on Ngapali beach in the state of Rakhine, Myanmar.

City of Ngapali Beach, Rakhine State, Myanmar/Burma

Ngapali Beach in the state of Rakhine, Myanmar is a pleasant and welcoming bungalow-style accommodation. This beach resort provides good service and amenities on the Bay of Bengal (Indian Ocean). Coco wood, other wood and brick are used for the construction of the shelters.

You are in the gardens of the palms on the grasslands near the sandy beach. It is 10 min by car from Thandwe International Airports. Spacious rooms are studios with en-suite bathrooms. Each suite has a bedroom with en-suite bathroom and a lounge.

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Ngapali Beach

Myanmar's new open tourist policies are gathering speed. More and more people are realizing, however, that Myanmar's two thousand kilometre long coast also has astonishing beach areas. It has never been a better season to see these completely untouched shores, they look like a Thailand from twenty years ago.

Completely unexplored, they are a kind of beach lifestyle that is becoming more and more inaccessible. Its most beautiful are those along the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea, where the beach faces westward, guaranteeing almost astonishing sundowns. It' has already become by far the most loved beach in the land, probably due to the many everyday departures from Myanmar's main city Yangon, 45mn.

It' s possible to get there by street, but at the present time it is blocked due to regional policy issues. Because of the fact that people have to enter the beach, it is very demanding, which keeps the number of backpackers low. Travelers have a tendency to come here, go into chillout and beach modes and soak up.

Accommodations range from small beach cottages to costly mansions, and the shellfish are wonderful, with many places by the sea offering the freshets. Slightly more advanced than some of the other resorts, it is still worth including in this itinerary. It is even nearer to Yangon, south of Ngapali Beach and a little over ten years old in the area.

The capital city has 35 minute flight connections every day, but in many ways it is just as simple to make the journey. There' s a small islet at one end of the beach and a dam at low tide allows you to go on foot. It is also a favourite place for snorkelling.

All the beach is about 15 km long and renting a motorcycle makes exploring easier. At some places the sandy is tough enough to continue, at other places it is possible to use only the beach path. On an early trip to the beach you will witness how the fish of the days is taken onshore.

Burma was host of the Southeast Asian Games 2013 and the beach volley ball and sail competitions took place here. It' has become a favourite with Burmese from the upper classes who like to come from the town of Yangon. Although the sands are not as good as Ngapali Beach, they are still very good and the dilapidated natural environment of the beach resorts gives it a certain charme that certainly arouses many.

It is a beautiful but beloved beach that is easily accessible from Myanmar's main town Yangon. This is a true retrospective of the time when you could find picturesque sandy areas all over Southeast Asia. It is located about 100 kilometers southwards of Ngapali Beach. It' important to note that all Myanmar's seaside resort is closed during the months of monsoons, which last from May to October.

Burma is still a restricted nation and humble clothing is considered important. It is common to wear T-shirts and denim on the beach and even in the ocean.

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