Sightseeing in Yangon Myanmar

Places of interest in Yangon Myanmar

Under the guidance of a professional guide you will get an insight into life in Yangon. The most popular attractions in Myanmar (Burma). End of tour: Hotel in Yangon. Yangon Day Tour (Normal Sightseeing). Yangon Division sightseeing tours with Myanmar Travel Agency.

Private half day Colonial Sightseeing Tour - Yangon, Myanmar

Rediscover Yangon's colorful past on a personal half-day trip through some of the city's most famous sights. You will be picked up brightly and early from your hotels and you will discover an old capitol with a wealth of English architectural styles, skyscrapers and buddhistic shrines in the town.

With your English speaker you will reach your first stop of the journey - the Sule Pagode, right in the centre of Yangon, where Burma's political, geographic and ideological life meets. Only a few minutes away from the pit stop is Yangon City Hall and your next stop on the itinerary.

Yangon City Hall, one of the many ageing structures in Yangon, is an imposing Myanmar edifice with steep terraced rooftops. You will also make a short stop across the city hall to see the converted Rowe & Co store, one of the most classy UK prewar warehouses in Asia, which now hosts a small privately-owned UK banc.

You will continue your walk in the Central Telegraph Office and the High Court Buildings, two buildings on Yangon's City Heritage List and a stroll through Rander House - an impressive five-storey structure with art-deco designs - and Sofaer & Co, once a prestigious trading centre.

During your sightseeing trip you will get to know the role of the various monuments in their heyday and get to know the purposes they still fulfil today. At the last stop of the trip you will reach the Shwedagon Pagoda, also known as the Golden Pagoda and undoubtedly the most popular place in Yangon.

99 metres high and with a tower set with diamonds, the gilded pavilion is visible from large parts of the town and is regarded as the holiest Buddhist site in the town. Around lunchtime you are sure to have enough of Yangon's sights and a few pictures to take home as memento!

You can take a back to your downtown resort for a well-deserved break or to resume the remainder of your own route for the entire family.

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