Sights in Myanmar

Myanmar sights

Activities in Yangon and Myanmar during your travels. Vriens & Partners has announced the official opening of an office in Yangon, Myanmar. Guidebook to Fodor's Choice sights in Myanmar as selected by our travel experts. A number of prominent Myanmar citizens are buried near Shwedagon Paya. All galleries - Myanmar;

Myanmar sights.

Guidebook to the most important places of interest in Myanmar

It is now customary to visit Myanmar. These are the 5 places of interest you should not miss: Beside the beauties of the pagoda itself, the Shwedagon Pagoda is a great place to observe and meditate with followers sacrificing, worshipping and offering to the gold stupa. Probably one of the most impressing Buddhist places in the whole wide globe, the Shwedagon Pagoda was constructed in the sixth c...

The ride through the water of this quiet pond, surrounded by swimming pools and timber stilted cottages, is an unforgettable one. With Myanmar open to the tourist, it' s unavoidable and our counsel to travelers who want to see Yangon' s cultural legacy is easy - now is the right moment to leave! If you would like to make a trip with a warm aeroplane over the temple, just ask us when booking one of our small group or individual itinerary.

Bagan's temple-laden plain is a landmark. It is now a good moment to see Myanmar for yourself.

10 day tour to the best sights of Myanmar

While five decade-long periods of junta government may have prevented travelers from coming to Myanmar, the National League of Democracy's election win has opened the door to new tourist reform (e.g. Singapore no longer needs to request a visa). Now you can expect a 10-day journey to the old sanctuaries, teaak cloisters, pristine sandy shores and a inquisitive, welcoming people... and here is our 10-day trip to the hotspots of this stunning state.

Yangon International Airport is the only gate to Myanmar from most states. Don't miss the beautiful Shwedagon Paya, the most important place of worship in the whole state. It is best to come at dusk or dusk, where beams of sunlight are reflected by the glittering golden Stupa, which towers about 100 meters above the surrounding area.

Drive to another important symbol, the Sule Pagoda, to see the Buddha pictures and perhaps let your luck be interpreted by one of the many Palmenleser, which line the periphery. When the sun sets, make your way to Kadawgyi Lake, an man-made dam that mirrors the sparkling Shwedagon in its tranquil water, and a large Hamsa-shaped boat.

This promenade, which stretches along the south and west sides of the lakeside, is ideal for a walk (be aware that some boards of the promenade may have deteriorated). When you have more free access, you can also go to the Chaukhtatgyi Pagoda, where the biggest lying Buddhas in the wide open spaces of the earth are located.

You can also go to one of Yangon's best waterhole, the shiny beach bar - with an amazing selection of international spirits during our lucky hours - or the Fiftyth Street Bar and Grill, famous for weekend living entertainment, a West meal and an ample beverage selection.

Situated on the banks of the Irrawaddy riverbank, Bagan is a magnificent plains that hosts the greatest concentrations of Buddha shrines, stupas as well as couples all over the globe - even the famed Angkor Wat is fading. The flight from Yangon to Bagan's Nyaung U Airport lasts one and 20 min; as an alternative, a night coach lasts about eight to nine h. The flight to Bagan will take about two to nine h.

While you can rent a rider for a sight-seeing trip, our favorite means of transportation are e-bikes that are easy to rent in Nyaung U, New Bagan and Old Bagan. The most touristic cards show only about 20 of the bigger ones, but you will find a ton more on the way - many of them are deserted.

Shwezigon Pagodais, the gold pumpkin plant, is one of the most valuable attractions here, which is frequented by many Myanmar citizens and visitors equally. Others must attend the pagoda and sanctuary, including the white-washed Ananda sanctuary, which contains four solid Buddha's turned towards the cardinals; the Thatbinnyu sanctuary of all-knowing; and the scaleable Shwesandaw sanctuary, where multitudes congregate every night to observe the spectacle of the sundown in Bagan.

The next morning, if you have not left all the churches, you can go to other churches like Damayangyi and Pyitthagyi after your morning break. You can also go to some of the craft and paint shops in Old Bagan. It is noteworthy that Mount Popa is also home to Myanmar's most mighty'nats' - ghosts associated with Buddhism and revered in the area.

It is a five-hour coach ride or a 30-minute fly from Bagan to Mandalay, Myanmar's second biggest town. Famous U Bein-Teakbrücke - 1728 when Mandalay was still king town - is only a few minutes away and winds one kilometer over the flat Taungthaman Lake. Enjoy an afternoons around Mandalay Hill while you await the summit sundown.

We continue to Inwa, an old village near Mandalay, famous for its 14th-19th century monastic structure, especially the dominant Bagaya Kyaung Convent and the 18th century Maha Aungmye Bonzan Convent of Bricks and Mould. Nyaungshwe's closest Nyaungshwe International Airports - the northern end of Lake Inle - is Heho International Airports.

It will take about an hours by cab to get back to Nyaungshywe, so you may want to continue by coach from Mandalay, which only lasts sixh. It is a must to take a full-time excursion on the lakeside and you can either take a boat ride through one of the many local diving agents or rent one directly from the boat guides from the dock.

Visit the fishermen at the mouth of the sea, as they can be seen on the ends of their craft, the swimming market, the Hpaung Daw Oo Pagoda (the most important place of worship in Shan state), and the Jumping Cat Monastery, where you will see many cat-litters. One kind of store you might want to visit is the café where you can see young women roll in front of you as they roll sheroots - a Myanmar one-of-a-kind open-ended cigarette.

At noon you will go to one of the lakeside eateries for an exceptional eating adventure with magnificent outlooks. Explore the secluded Indein Village, a small group of pagodas on the west shore of the lakeshore with centuries of old weed-covered stupa. Observe peasants and buffalo plowing rice paddies and scale the mound of the pagodas for a fresh chill.

Yangon has regular services to Heho airport, but the bus service is much less expensive and just as convenient and takes about nine inches. Make it easier for your last days in Myanmar - visit your favorite places from the first stage of your journey, enjoying the stunning cuisine of Chinatown, enjoying an original Myanmar massages (a Balinese, Indian and Thai combination) or having a cup of coffe in one of these cafes.

And, of course, you should plan about an hour's drive from Yangon city centre to the Aiport. All you need to know for traveling in Myanmar: Burma is one of the most secure Asian nations, mainly because most of the natives are strong followers of Buddhism. Burma is always warm during the days, although the temperature rises from March to June.

Wrap your house shoes, as all shrines and shrines do not allow shoes on their grounds.

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