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Myanmar sights

View reviews and photos of places of interest in Myanmar on TripAdvisor. Guidebook to the best sights in Myanmar selected by our travel experts. The former capital makes a. A comprehensive list of activities in Mandalay, Burma Myanmar. Myanmar city tour went far beyond the sights.

He is targeting Myanmar's emerging environmental policy.

Sights in Burma

Edi Stark accompanies the Glasgow businessman Amar Latif, the "blind man who wants to show you the world", on a voyage to Myanmar on the road of his life. In 2004 he established Travelling Evyes to give partially vision hungry individuals like him the chance to move around on their own. Sight-seeing travelers describe the attractions in exchange for a discounted fare.

This 20-person group meets for the first in Heathrow and spends the next few nights exploring the attractions, scents, aromas, tastes and noises of Myanmar (formerly Burma) as it opens up to tourists.

Golden Myanmar

2011 UPDATE: Myanmar is a changing world. Born out of decadelong segregation, relentless armed forces and brutal corrupt practices, Myanmar is gradually adopting a democratic style and re-defining its nation. It is a challenging time for the Myanmar countryside and its population, and the tourist industry can have a significant influence on the population.

Pretty Myanmar, with its gold coupons and antique cities, still has a non-democratically-elected government, and continued violations of civil rights and bribery. From 2017, the persecutions of the Rohingya, an Muslim nation living in the west of Myanmar, have made news worldwide, with some calling the violent massacre-genocidal.

There are many who are demanding a tourist ban on Myanmar, but we do not believe that this will have the effect we want. The recent rise in tourist activity has made many of Burma's inhabitants dependent on tourist activities, and a withdrawal would damage their livelihoods. It is a policy crises and it needs a policy response; a tourist ban will make no distinction to the ruthless leaders.

Burma is a truly one-of-a-kind flowering plant from Far Eastern Asia. Formerly known as Burma, the land has been closed to travellers for centuries, and has remained unaffected by its insularity. Although it is a wonderful land, it is the true joy, wonder and kindness of the natives that make it one of the most attractive in Asia.

Burma is littered with literal golden. It is a mythic place like no other because of its lofty landscape, fascinating story, cheerful folk and deep buddhistic sophistication. Burma is full of treasures: from sunsets over the Shwedagon Pagoda and gold-plated Buddhas in Yangon to sunrises over the magic Stupa and Temple of Bagan and to glide over the glazed Lake Inle.

When Bagan is the historical centre and its 2,230 Temples compete with Angkor Wat, then the tranquil Inle Lake is the spirit attraction, and of course Mandalay, forever immortalised in Kipling's suggestive type. Throughout our visit we will explore the quiet, proud land of wonders and secrets, which unfolds in a rag rug of dreamlike scenery and memorable vistas with gold coupons.

You will be thrilled, impressed and fascinated by Myanmar, and you will find the kind of Asia you won't find anywhere else. Myanmar, which became known in the history of the world' s adventure a hundred years ago, has reopened its door, and we are sure you will concur with Rudyard Kipling, who wrote: "This is Burma, and it is different from any country you know.

The Golden Myanmar trip will give us the best of what the land has to show. This trip takes us into the deepest part of a land that has emerged from centuries of insulation and to the brink of one of the world's greatest archeological wonders. Burma will be with you forever.

In Yangon we will take a sightseeing trip through the town, which includes the Sule Pagoda and the Shwedagon Pagoda; in Bagan we will make an archaeological trip to the main places of the plain of Bagan: the Shwezigon Pagoda, the Ananda Temple, the Wetkyi-in Gubyaukgyi Temple and the Dhammayangyi Temple.

We make a detour to Mount Popa to see the mysterious abbeys overlooking the extinguished vulcano and take a deep look at the landscape of Myanmar while visiting the hospitable natives in their houses. In Mandalay, while exploring the Kuthodaw Pagoda with its 729 Buddhist writing panels, we head to the elaborately sculpted Golden Teak Monastery, once part of the Mandalay Palace, the Mahagandayon Monastery to observe the everyday lives of several hundred Buddhist friars,

Inwa on the bank of the Ayeyarwaddy River, where we take a horse-drawn sleigh ride to Nan Myint Tower and Maha Aung Mye Bonzan Monastery, renowned for its artful wood carvings and tea-wood stakes. We see Myanmar's sacred centre, Sagaing, with several hundred stupa, convents and churches, and marvel at the scenic U Bein Bridge illuminated by the sundown.

Inle Lake, while visiting the worshipped Pindaya Buddha School caves, we will spent a full days cruising the tranquil Inle Lake by personal vessel and visiting the town of Hpe Nga Chaung with its ancient Buddhaung Convent, the Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda and the Inn Thein Pagoda area to see the hundred of small stupa that emerge from the vast bush.

We marvel at the fishers with their swimming garden, which is constructed with aquatic hydacinth and sea sludge and tied to the ground with wooden canes. We will go shopping at a swimming school. We even go to the Red Mountain Winery and try the Myanmar wines. During the entire trip you will eat in meticulously chosen eateries and try many of Myanmar's extraordinary and original cuisines.

Carefully-eaten 12 overnight stays in five stars in Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay and Inle Lake: All Myanmar transports: 4 internal and 1 privately owned air-conditioned coach in all 4 destinations; bottle washing and cool linen on the day of the coach trip; charges and entrance fee for all sights as described in the route; tips from all of our restaurant, guide and driver; personal guide and an expert, courtesan.

Extras/options include: Int'l flight, Myanmar Visas, Myanmar Excursion Optionals, Myanmar Excursion Optionals, Myanmar Early Entry Check-in/Late Check-out, Myanmar Early Entry Optionals, Myanmar Early Check-In/Late Check-Out, Portation tips, Excess baggage, Myanmar Excess Bagan Tips, Myan Airlines Ballooning Option, non-Bagan airline fares, phone calls, linen, mini-bar and perso-num. expenditures.

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