Sights in Myanmar

Myanmar sights

Activities in Yangon and Myanmar during your travels. Vriens & Partners has announced the official opening of an office in Yangon, Myanmar. Guidebook to Fodor's Choice sights in Myanmar as selected by our travel experts. A number of prominent Myanmar citizens are buried near Shwedagon Paya. All galleries - Myanmar;

Myanmar sights.

Guidebook to the most important sights in Myanmar

It is now customary to visit Myanmar. These are the 5 sights you should not miss: Beside the beauties of the pagoda itself, the Shwedagon Pagoda is a great place to observe and meditate with followers sacrificing, worshipping and offering to the gold stupa. Probably one of the most impressing Buddhist places in the whole wide globe, the Shwedagon Pagoda was constructed in the sixth c...

The ride through the water of this quiet pond, surrounded by swimming pools and timber stilted cottages, is an unforgettable one. With Myanmar open to the tourist, it' s unavoidable and our counsel to travelers who want to see Yangon' s cultural legacy is easy - now is the right moment to leave! If you would like to make a trip in a small group or privately, we can organise a warm aeroplane over the temple.

Bagan's temple-laden plain is a landmark. It is now a good moment to see Myanmar for yourself.

Sightseeing, sounds and tastes of Myanmar in Myalay.

Located on the Irrawaddy River, about 700 leagues from Yangon, Mandalay is the second biggest town in the country. andalay is the economical and technical centre of the northern region and the home of the last king residence. It is also a good base for traveling within Myanmar with an internat...

There' s a lot to discover from the shrines to the teahouses, not to speak of the possibilities off the well-trodden paths with some unbelievable adventures. Mandalay Hill can be seen from almost every corner of the world, 240 metres above the cityscape. Choose a cab from the centre of Göttingen instead of taking the more than 1,700 stairs yourself - on the alternate bare-footed walk you will find dogshit rather than picturesque outlooks.

Sundown on the mound is magic, but it is also very loved, so get there early. If you arrive at 3 pm, you will have the facility almost all to yourself and have enough free space to discover it before the'main event'. Drive to Mandalay Mountain from Mandalay Road 10 northeast of the town centre with entry at 1,000 Kyat/pp.

Whilst the panoramic sight from Mandalay Hill to the cityscape and the near crest at dusk is unquestionably breathtaking, there are some lesser-known monasteries to visit. The Yankin Hill provides both a one-of-a-kind cave-like adventure with a small gorge framed sanctuary and a hill-look. If you are a more adventure seeker, you will find the Datdawtaung Camp in Kyaukse, just over an hours drive southwards of the capital.

A simple, self led half days trip through the Hsinbyume Pagoda (Mya Theindan Pagoda) and Mingun Pahtodawgyi (Mingun Pagoda) awaits you in the northern part. On the other hand, Mingun is a 50 metre high'pile of bricks' in the form of a sqare. The two are only a few hundred metres apart in the city of Mingun.

You can reach the pitches by a one-hour cruise from the centre of Mandalay. Catch a breathtaking view of the Irrawaddy River at the top of both caves. It is also in the area; with 90 tonnes it was the heavyest and biggest working bells in the whole wide range of places in China from 1810 to 2000, when it was outdone by a new 110 tonne bells.

There is no journey to Mandalay without the discovery of the vast Kuthodaw Paya building, known as the biggest novel in the underworld. An unforgettable adventure, either in the early mornings before the coaches come or at sundown for the breathtaking view. Bordering Kuthodaw Paya is another imposing sanctuary, Sandamuni Paya, which offers the world's biggest picture of Buddha in steel and a gold Stupa that is also photoworthy.

Though I find the above mentioned monasteries more visual and spiritual inspirational, I would fail to welcome the Mandalay Royal Palace as a remarkable travel er's target in the area. Situated at the foot of Mandalay Hill, this stunning four sq. km complex was home to the last two Myanmar monarchs, King Mindon and his sons King Thibaw, from 1857 to 1885 before the UK took over.

Inside there are the pristine watchtower, regal tombs, no less than eight regal seats and 40 wooden structures. The Mandalay is known for its bustling teahouses. When the hooting automobiles, the dodging motorcycles and the inevitable dusty in Mandalay are you looking for something clean and close to the great outdoors, then you're in for it.

Tasty pasta and curry meals are available in Mandalay, with variations in technology and taste from elsewhere in Myanmar. Glimpse Of Mandalay is part cookery course and part culture advancement for an all around unbelievable outing. At $30 USD/pp your hard working days include studying, purchasing and preparing your own classical Myanmar food followed by biking through a small hamlet and eventually setting off at a peaceful sanctuary with views of Mandalay.

If you despise large group trips, I am grateful that the group is limited to a maximum of six to ten persons, with a lot of free space for your own exchange with your home to truly comprehend the lives of your host. Undoubtedly one of the iconical pictures of the Mandalay area is the U Bien Bridge, which lies in the midst of the sunset.

Groundkeeper Adventures provides extraordinary excursions, bike tours through small towns and breathtaking ruined temples on the way to the renowned viaduct. They have strayed from the bustling streets in no short space of eternity, walking along farmland and country lanes, away from everything that looks like a touristic attraction: Tamarinden produce, making locally produced desserts, making traditionally lacquered goods.

Sights, noises, flavours and skills of the Grasshopper crew are second to none.

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