Siem Reap

You reap

Travelling with Siem Reap Angkor Temple, Siem Reap (see ree-ep; ????

??) has always been a life-support system and gate for great things. The Siem Reap has re-invented itself as the epicenter of Cambodia's fancy Cambodia, with everything from backpackers parties to trendy hotel beds, world-class wines and food in a variety of kitchens, lush spa resorts, great shops, gourmet and adventurous gourmet trips and a rich culture setting that encompasses Cambodia's premier modern day circuit.

You think again, because Siem Reap is just outside the front door. Attempt to prepare tasty and genuine Kampuchean dishes and get the hints and hints of the country's classic cooking from your experienced cooks. From Siem Reap with a Tuk-Tuk on board, a brief out-of-town excursion takes you to a rustic town.

Every cookery course begins with a trip to a nearby village home. On the way you will get to know the plants and vegetable that are cultivated in most Khmer homes and used in everyday cuisine. Come and see the house of a Khmer house owner and take the chance to find out how to prepare meals in a Khmer house.

After your stay you will go to a local gazebo to start your cookery course. With your gourmet master and tour leader, you will prepare several meals, which you can then imitate at home. Get to know the traditional recipes of traditional Kampuchean cuisine and get to know it first hand.

Everybody has their own cook stations and their own gear. The lessons cover a range of Kampuchian meals and a recipes menu is included. By the end of the lesson you can lean back in the wood gazebo over an enchanting lake. You will be offered your meals individually, so that you can taste and taste them, along with a free ice-cold ale, soda or bottle of the same.

Learning to make some (or all) of these tasty meals! Mornings Menu: Kampuchean Mango Lettuce - With crisp and lightweight components, this is a lettuce everyone can sip. Glutinous rice balls with palm syrup and grated young coconut afternoon menu:Prahet Chien -Chip Fen on sugarcaneCambodian Curry - Unlike its Thai neighbour, Cambodian food does not have a tendency to be pungent and tasty, but relies on coats of aromatic herbs.

Khmer Brandy Schnaps This tasty, slightly sugary delight cannot be resisted.

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