Newest tweets from[SIAMES] (@siamesmusic). Songtext for "The Wolf" by Siames: Siamés (female singular siamesa, male plural siameses, female plural siamesas). See SIAMES lyrics by popularity along with songs included in albums, videos and song meanings. " The Wolf" is an animated music video for the Argentine band SIAMES.

Siamese music)

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SIAMES - "The Wolf" is based on a clip of the eIndie Pops Siamé hit the web after an animation on YouTube. A year later the tune became virus in the Anima and Animations communities after an Animated Rudo Company movie was released on YouTube on April 21, 2017 (see below).

It quickly became widespread on the Internet. Less than two inches after the release of the tape on May 2, 2017, YouTuber Crowne Prince published a review in which he praised the tape and won more than 139,000 votes (see below). Soon, the tape inspires the fans' animation that was put on the course. Usually these animation shows passing or chanting figures from the offical videoset with different syles.

This popularity was especially widespread in the Five Nights at Freddy's (FNAF) fans, who produced animated movies with the game's power. SprinG released one of the most beloved animated FNAFs on August 17, 2017, with over 8.7 million images (see below left). A further beloved animated version of XboxGamerK has been released by YouTuber XboxGamerK, with over 3.1 million different images (see below right).

Others have staged the tape with inventive people. As an example, YouTuber PaintedSerenity has published an animated version of the song that has been viewed over 294,000 times (see below left). Mitchieviously YouTuber did the same and won over 444,000 votes (see below right). It also inspires the DeviantArt, Tumblr and Twitter fans.

As an example, a twitter fanset for the Twitter player @MagnieMakoyana on July 5, 2017 was made. On August 21, DeviantArt member Yavohl added Fanart to his bankroll.

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