Siam and Burma

Thailand and Burma

The Burma-Siam Railway, built during World War II, connects Bangkok and Moulmein (now Mawlamyine), Burma (Myanmar). This is Stanford's London Atlas of Universal Geography, showing the physical and political divisions of the various countries of the world. And Ian Brown and the study of. Mathew Phillips and Jonathan Saha. Articles about Siam Burma Railway written by Jerome Lim, The Wondering Wanderer.

Toungoo. E2.80.93Ayutthaya">Toungoo-Ayutthaya[edit]>>

2Burmese - Siamese War (1563-64)Burmese VictorySecond Siege of Ayutthaya also known as the White Elephant War. "of the Laotian prisoners of war from Burma back to Laos in 1596. Burma Research SOAS Bulletin. SOAS, University of London. The Gazetteer of Upper Burma and Shan States Part 2. Government-press, British Burma.

Burma's history: London: "Burma-Siam War and Tenasserim". The War with the Burmese: Thai-Burmese 1539-1767. Steinberg, David Joel (1987). On the quest for Southeast Asia. Universtity of Hawaii Press. The Siam Society (1904). Journal of the Siam Society. Siamese society. SOAS, London City. Wyatt, David K. (2003).

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