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New agrarian: Young agripreneur: Thane Shwe (Myanmar)

Myanmar's agricultural industry is the mainstay of its economic activity, contributing 37.8% of the country's gross domestic product and employing 70% of its workforce (FAO). Agricultural production is influenced by many different elements, one of which is the involvement of the younger population. Cofounder of the Rakhawanna Yuwa Association and NEED Myanmar's programme manager, Than Shwe knows that the aging farm is one of the most important topics in farming.

That is why he is engaged as an agrarian aid volunteer to contribute to the community by enabling the young people to become agriculturalists. This is why Shwe and his organisation NEED are running a programme such as MY LEAD Programme (Motivated Young Farmers Program) and YFP (Motivated Young Leader for Economic and Agricultur Development) to enable young people to become active in the agro business and to start ecological agronomy.

Each year, they educate 30-35 young adults aged 18-25 from all over the countryside for a 6-month intense programme in Hmaw Bi, Yangon REgion, Myanmar. The Shwe staff also run adocacacy and social work programs in various countryside areas. Considering his vision and commitment to promote ethics and strengthen resistance to communal nutrition safety, Shwe said that "I am working with NEED to promote and practice perma-culture for smallholders.

Perma-culture agriculture can help the peasants raise their incomes." Mr Shwe also declared his vision and commitment to promote ethics and strengthen resistance to nutritional threats in the world. ASEAN' s inclusion and the internal energy markets on one side will link the ASEAN communities together uninterrupted. The state of agriculture in the individual ASEAN nations, however, varies.

However, most ASEAN is dependent on farming and the vast majority are smallholders. The aim is to motivate young farmer to help each other and build an equitable development track for each of them. The improvement of the lives of impoverished peasants will reinforce the ASEAN association as "One Vision, One Vision, One Identity, One Community".

It is part of the Young Agripreneur History Series of the ASEAN Foundation.

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