Shwedream 2016

2016 Shwedream

SPY album presents Thingyan Music Festival 2016 : Checked on March 14, 2016 via cell phone. Date of application, 07.07.2016, Date of registration, Unknown. Stored on July 7 (2016), the SHWE DREAM .

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shwe Registered trademarks

031519, 031524, 031525, 050702 - Airbirds or bat in the air or with outstretched feather. Stylised seabirds and mice. Different kingfishers. Colour (s) of the brand is/are required to be the colour (s) of the brand: Amber, Golden, Whiten. Trademark is the SHWE symbol in stylised capitalised, yellowness with S. Under SHWE, the sentence DRAM is also in the stylised characters, in blank, with capitalisation.

You have slightly moved the word DRAM to the right. The room next to the words contains a stylised contour of a birds. The remainder of the bodily part extends to the right with his forehead and throat next to the SHWE praem. It is stained from golden to amber in a grey scale, with the centre turning golden at the top and bottom of the bird's outlines.

On the right of the tip of the lower piano is the word.COM in stylised lettering, all in lower case.

Transcript: ????????: "Ba Wa Home " "

? ???????, com, www. com, www. com. com. com. com.

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