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Thane Shwe's dream really is a nightmare.

It was not some kind of funny man who made this ridiculous testimony, but the leader of the Burmese Burma Burmese government, Snr-Gen Than Shwe. When Than Shwe made the assertion in a address to the newcomers to armed forces, the senior student of the Defense Service Academy, at a closing celebration in Pyin Oo Lwin[also known as May Myo] on December 14.

The full text of his address was released to the Burmese press on December 15. However, his dreams did not take place in the 21 st century, but in the 17 th or 18 th century. Looking closely at his address shows that he is not familiar with the realities of Burma's evolution. Obviously, both of them have said that Burma's GNP is rising at double-digit rates.

Farming is suffering from low levels of production and production is hampered by a shortage of funds, inadequate accessibility to foreign produce and a competitive shortage of Thai and Chinese exports, the EIU said in its 2007 Burma Survey. EIU is warning the regime to awaken from its dreams and face the realities.

Burma's GNP will not grow at double-digit rates over the next two years, but by about 3 to 4 per cent, more slowly than any other state in the area. In a October 2007 UN survey found that 90 per cent of Burma's population lives on less than $300 a year, the smallest per head in ASEAN.

It also regretted the "deterioration of the human situation" in Burma and proposed that UN organizations could help the Burmese "fight the causes of pain and poverty". In response to the account, the government deported the highest UN officer in Burma, Charles Petrie. Disembarked from Burma on December 4.

Than Shwe's most recent appearance was the opening of Burma's first cybercity, Yadanabon, in the township of Pyi Oo Lwin. However, the suburban cybercity on their doorsteps has not helped the people of Pyi Oo Lwin much, who say they are still suffering from blackouts and bottlenecks.

He made a declaration of overwhelming hybris stating that Burma's pace of growth over the next 30 years would surpass that of the US, Europe and Japan. Since then, ten years have gone by, and Burma is even lagging behind Laos and Cambodia. It' s not clear when Than Shwe will awake from his dreams.

However, it is certain that when he shows up, he has to realise that his dreams are really a bad tragedy for Burma and himself. It is a heartbreaking death sentence for Burma to relentless livelihood.

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