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Yangon Myanmar Shwedagon

Pagoda Shwedagon the heart of Yangon, Myanmar. Yangon Township of Myanmar. to Aung Htay Hlaing / The Myanmar Times. Shwedagon is known as the holiest and largest pagoda in Yangon, Myanmar. Shoredagon Pagoda: In the capital Yangon you will find the beautiful Shwedagon Pagoda.

Yangon Shwedagon Pagoda - Tales, facts and hints

The Shwedagon or Paya is the largest and largest of the pagodas in Myanmar. In order to help you make the most of your stay at this wonderful sanctuary, we have subdivided this item into four parts: Myanmar's proud Shwedagon Necklace is worthy of the name. When you reach Yangon, you can't help but feel the grandeur of this marvelous panorama shimmering in the background in the town.

It' located on a raised mound, so you'll see it from afar as you move within Yangon. This pagoda houses important sacred remains of four former Buddhas. Remains include some wisps of Gautama Buddha's coat, Ko??gamana's fountain, a part of Kassapa's gown and the stick of Kakusandha.

According to the tale, two of our Brotherhood's from the antique town of Balkh (now Afghanistan) had the chance to see Lord Gautama Buddha when he was still living and had eight of the Buddha's hair. They travelled to Myanmar (then known as Burma) and founded Singuttara Hill with the help of King Okkalapa of Burma.

Here the relicts of other Buddhas were kept before Gautama Buddha. There were many seismic survivors, but the greatest destruction was the 1768 seismic event that collapsed the top of the cemetery. It is crowned by a diamonds flower called'sein bu', which wears a 74 carat stone.

If you don't speak English, you will still hear the words "Shwedagon Pagoda" and you' ll be nodding to be there. In the entrance area, when they realize that a guest is in short trousers, they won't let them in until they buy the typical Myanmar Sarongs gown -ongyi.

Admission to this pit stop is MMK 8000 per person per night per international visitors. You should be wearing footwear that is "pagoda ready", i.e. easily removable. Just do what the natives do and take a carrier for your boots. There are two huge mythic lion-like beings (leogryphs) guarding each door.

The octagon shaped basis of this marble has a pole at each edge representing the weekday. It has 1485 bell-shaped pagodas of various dimensions and weight. It' nice when so many of them sound together in the evenings when the sundown.

It was Shwedagon who once had the Great Dhammazedi Belfry - the biggest ever church bells. It looks nice from every view. It' a brick pedestal and we saw a friar on it. Somehow it says something about the height of this particular page.

While it gets dark, many followers shine thousand of lights and candlelights around this cagoda. Out of the Shwedagon pit - can you see the lions' keepers at the entrance? Shwedagon' s roads are full of colour with many restaurants along the road, teashops, temples, florists, orchards, carpenters and Dagon beer wards.

When you get there early, we recommend exploring the small alleys around Shwedagon and spending some unforgettable moments with food, drinks and sights. There are also many gardens around this sanctuary where you can rest in the shadow of the tree to get away from the Yangon sun. The Kyay Thone Pagoda on Gyar Tawya Street is also open for visitors to view the artefacts on show.

Lake Kandawgyi is within easy walk of Shwedagon Pagoda and provides a breathtaking view of this glistening starry sky at noon.

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