Shwebo Township

Community of Shwebo

This is Shwebo (township, Myanmar) with population statistics, maps, map and location. Town of Shwebo The Shwebo Township (Burmese: ????

?????????????) is a community of the Shwebo District in the Sagaing region of Burma (Myanmar). Situated in the plain between the Mu River and the Ayeyarwady River. It has its headquarters in the town of Shwebo.

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Returning the smile to the Shwebo Farmers

Under Aung Myint is thrilled to be able to double its paddy output thanks to the extra supply of fresh running waters from a new watering system. A 55-year-old Nyaung Yin Gone peasant in the Shwebo township in the Sagaing region cultivates the "Shwebo Paw San" strain, which is appreciated for its delicious flavour, nutritive value and goodness.

Endemically cultivated in Shwebo, the type of rices is cultivated for the domestic market and exports. "By 2015, I was able to make 50 basketfuls or about 1045 kg of raw material. The extra tap from the Kin Tat channel allows me to make about 120 racks of ricebas. The Shwebo lies in the plain between the Mu River and the Ayeyarwady River.

A trench was constructed around Shwebo in the mid-18th century in an attempt to escape an imminent Hanthawaddy-infasion. In the following eight years, the Kin Tat Canal was constructed to supply Shwebo Municipality with irrigated agricultural washwater. The river runs through the Khin Oo township before it flows into Maharnandar Lake I and II.

Last restoration of the Kin Tat watering system by the watering department was in 1994-95. Reconstruction of the Kin Tat watering system bypass is currently underway as part of a collaborative effort between the Adaptation Fund, the Government of the Union of Myanmar and the United Nations Development Programme to combat the risks of climate change to water resources and food security in Myanmar's arid zone.

From the Kin Tat watering channel, the channel channels surplus from the Kin Tat watering channel to the Tet Kel Tan stream, which runs eastwards to Shwebo. Not only will it help alleviate bottlenecks in the paddy paddies in the west of Shwebo, but it will also support 488 homes in 10 towns in the east of Shwebo on an area of 2,853 acre.

Kin Tat Sprinkler also supplies the Maharnandar Sea System, which is the primary spring of potable power for the town of Shwebo. During the rain period, the surplus from the Kin Tat watering system will bring a great deal of mud and debris into the Mahanandar I. After the bypass channel has been constructed, most of the polluted waters will be fed directly into the II reservoir, which will finally drain into the Tet Kel Tan stream.

As a result, 10,944 homes or 56,152 inhabitants are supplied with safe potable and potable waters. The 56-year-old U Kan Tan, from the town of Thi Kong near Shwebo, is one of the many peasants who will profit from the sewer rehabilitation. It has 11 hectares of farmland at the estuary of the Channel and has not been able to farm its lands since 1995 because it has cut down too much of its fields with wood.

Renovating the plant means he can recover the soil and plant crops of paddy. Shwebo Paw San is planned by U Kan Tan. "I' m planning to use the extra money I make to educate my kids and give to my community," said U Kan Tan.

Tackling climate change risks to Myanmar's arid zones in terms of food security and drinking water resources is aimed at reducing susceptibility and increasing the adaptability of arid zones through better managing waters and an animal and crops adjustment program in five of the most endangered Myanmar's arid zones.

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