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The Shwebo Hotel

Shwobo is a good city, apart from the lack of decent hotels/guesthouses. Theingha Hotel, Shwebo, Shwebo. Explore the best hotels in Shwebo, including the Pyi Shwe Theingha Hotel. Please see the Shwebo Hotels overview in the following section. Shwebo offers, discounts, breaks and holidays.

Theingha Pyi Shwe Hotel - Shwebo, Legaing Area

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Victory Land (Shwe Bo)

Svebo is 64 leagues from Mandalay by car and train to Myitkyina. The birthplace of U Aung Zeya, who founded the Kone Baung monarchy against the monarchy in 1752, Shwebo took more than two centenaries. Since Shwebo was the first city of the last Myanmar kings' residence, it is believed that the country is a country of triumph.

Also after the city was relocated to other places, the monarchs, their kingly officers and high-ranking military commander returned to solemnly enter the "Earth of the Victorious Land" in Shwebo. But still the tribe, they went on to believe that before any important venture the triumphant lands of Shwebo should be entered.

In the aftermath of independence the Shwebo tribe, led by Webu Sayadaw, constructed a Siegesland Pagoda and erected a Siegesland enclosure, as well as a convent known as Aung Mye Kyaung Daik or Siegesland Cloister. Today, the visitor usually takes a fistful of Victory Erde with them to keep in their homes.

The Shwebo can be accessed by road or train from Mandalay in less than fourhrs. Pyu civilization from the second A. D. period blossomed in Hanlin, whose remains can still be seen today, a few kilometres north of Shwebo. It' the Obermyanmar paddle with extensive fields of ricefields.

The Shwe Chet Thoe pit was constructed by Alaung Hpaya. U Aung Zeyar (The King) was bred in the place of the cemetery. Hsin Byu Shin the Emperor the Hpaya's daughter Alaung Hpaya gave the belfry and the Queen Khin Yun San of Alaung Hpaya the tower for this bells.

The Mya Theindan pit in Shwebo was also constructed by King Alaung Hpaya in his merits. As the descendants of King Alaung Hpaya moved the city to Central Myanmar, most of the king's palaces and palaces were forsaken. In 1918 the renowned Myanmar writer James Hla Gyaw was fixed, restored and a new fin was added.

In Myanmar Hti means parasol, his ash was buried in the walls of this cloister. It was made by U Hpo Mya & Mai Palaung, the parent of Queen Khin Yum San, the Queen Superior of King Alaung Hpaya. One of the oldest pagodas in Shwebo.

Alaung Sithu of the Bagan dynasty is said to have made it. The name of this picture is Shwe Tazar, which means ornament of the Beatitude, and the name of the picture is derived from the name of the picture. It is so well known that the Myanmar Magi fought for it and brought it to the various capital cities, namely.....

and then Shwebo. Also one of the oldest in Shwebo, this is a Bagan-family. Iscriptions on the two bell-shaped bell in the bell tower were founded by King Badon, who mentioned that the bell tower was made by King Narapati Sithu.

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