Shwe Yar su

Shwen Yar su

The Shwe Ya Su Hotel is located in Muse, a border town between Myanmar and China. Shwwe Yar Su: good seafood. Shway Yarzu - Shwe Yar Su, Myeik travelogues The Shwe Yar Su is a reserve, it can be seafood, local cuisine and bears, it is on the other side of the street. Okay, that was the best meal I've had on my SE Asia tour so far. Giant shrimps from the grill, lettuce with roasted coffee-bean, cress and mushroom - everything was tasty and new.

Such a beautiful sensation in the sunset breeze and good dinner. Have you been to Shwe Yar Su?

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You will be informed about your booking within 24h. Booking total: Additional articles total: Full price: The Shwe Ya Su is situated in Muse, a city on the borders of Myanmar and China. Sorry, there are no ratings for this accomodation yet. Choose your check-in and check-out times using the schedule below to make your booking.

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to get good seafood. - Editorial review by Shwe Yar Su, Myeik, Myanmar

I' d like to enjoy good seafood. that's why I was established and selected there. the meal is very tasty and tasty. Well, my boyfriend was informed about this place. Then I was known for seafood. It looks like a normal brew / dinner, nothing flashing, but the meal was sure no unpleasant surprise.

and I live in meik, I went there with my friend very often, because best of BBQ seafood and cuttlefish. also fair price and kind owners and people. A great meal, draft cool beers, and beautiful personnel, even the proprietor, who is a real gentlemen. You can choose from barbecued prawns, kung pao chickens or chips, which are either served with cold-filled Myanmar beers or, if you feel gutsy, the 7.7%'Double Strong' train.

It has a great ambience as it was always full of nice people. A small cafe and a small snack shop start here and a small snack shop crawls down to the Blue Sky Restuarant, which is quite good itself. Have you been to Shwe Yar Su?

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