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Aye Myat Thu, Wint Kyaw, Moe Yu San, San Yati Moe Myint, Yoon Shwe Yi Sharing your latest Myanmar movies and Myanmar celebrity model photos. With Mhone Shwe Ye. lse/myanmar-strategic-holdings-ltd-shwe. This mess behind the Miss is a classic, but rather trivial, Burmese affair. Myanmar Burmese shwedream classic span class recommend movies film Burma sweet dream today.

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Chaos behind Miss

Burma has always had problems with its mistakes. During the 1960s, one of Burma's first Miss Louisa Benson Craig brought her wreath and scarf into the jungles and lead the Karen National Liberation Army in its struggle against Myanmar's growth. Myat Noe, Myanmar's first Lady of the World, ran away with her $100,000 Crown in 2012.

So when one of the many Myanmar competitions recently won was robbed of its treetop, nobody really should have been overtaken. However, in these particularly difficult periods in Myanmar, commentators could not help but associate the recent conflict between Myanmar and the entire world over the Rakhine State diplomacy - the beautiful empress had indeed published a Facebook movie that expressed her powerful opinion on the subject.

Si,19, had not just won Myanmar's best pageant. Ms Grand Myanmar - the winning track record - is a comfort to anyone who takes second place in the Miss Universe Myanmar World Series. In New York's prestigious New York Pageant, the winning girl gets the opportunity to put herself in the limelight.

To be honest, Mrs Shwe Eain Si had no real opportunity in a peacebuilding competition. She' s by no means the most ugly little Myanmar gal, but her Facebook mail was pretty riotous. Her 4-minute movie supports Myanmar's formal public speaking, which establishes the sad state of Rakhine's exclusive liability for the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA).

It shows a series of corpses that have been maimed and points to a worldwide medias plot against Myanmar. Shwe Eain Si has, in other words, followed the line of authority to perfection. Is the competition a terrorist-friendly organization? That is what some of Shwe Eain Si's fans have said.

Sadly, it is Miss Universe Myanmar, a fully licensed Myanmar organization from the Ministry of Health and Sports, who made the choice, not just any foreign multinational organization. The focus of this tragedy is Daw Soe Yu Wai, the director of Miss Universe Myanmar. It found Shwe Eain Si's position undignified and made several allegations.

Miss Universe Myanmar issued an explanation - but not really an explanation - why Shwe Eain Si was defeated on October 1. Briefly, Miss was charged with not being able to supply the necessary documents and certifications - the Moslem fugitives, whose homes were burnt down but which she had forgotten to refer to in her videotape, would sympathize with her in this case.

This was decided before your upload. The most important thing is that they blamed Shwe Eain Si for using a terminology that is considered unreasonable for a'failure'. While the communiqué saved the general speaking audience the floor, in an interview with the Myanmar Times, the organizers said they used the Burmese F-word -- Shwe Eain Si is against.

Organizers also argue that Shwe Eain Si's policy opinions have nothing to do with her dethronement. "It was decided before her videotape was uploaded," said Daw Soe Yu Wai. Miss, who trained in Great Britain, pointed out several errors that Miss Universe Myanmar had made in her advertising materials. Ever since the ruling, Miss has been receiving a flood of supportive news from her supporters - a tape also shows her dear boyfriend, the grandchild of the deceased dictator Ne Win, who defends her at a country fair.

She says she is" free" and" happy". Although she is now convinced that this whole matter is an arrangement to benefit another one. She will not be accompanying Miss Universe Myanmar's crew to Vietnam, but once more. Instead, Shwe Eain will see Si Daw Soe Yu Wai in front of the courts.

Not deposed by Rakhine's tape, Shwe Eain Si was the subject of the overly shared mindset in Myanmar's jobs, where young workers are supposed to adapt. "I' m above you, you'' - how many arguments have we had? In Myanmar, the whole issue was exaggerated in the masses.

It is a classical, but rather banal, Myanmar matter.

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